Sunday, June 11, 2006

Rainy Sunday

No one but JB wanted to talk about phlegmballs. Sure, like you are all sooooo much above that! :)

How's yer rainy weekend goin'? Corn and I painted 2 walls in our kitchen yesterday. This is a crap kitchen that started off with a crap peeling-up adhesive tile floor and has now moved to not half bad status. The landlord had (kinda ugly but new) tiles put in a couple week ago ...and now, with the paint's looking aight! Anything is better than BARE-ASS white walls and cupboards. YAWN.

Today - laundry, cleaning, dinner @ Corn's 'rents' place, the end. :) Have a good one!


JB said...

We had a real estate agent over to tell us to not spend any more monét on our house, because we'll need to save it to spend on the new place (which won't be built/ready until October) and MARIA came over (yep, all the way from Montreal) with her family - attending a weekend wedding not far from where I live, (actually on the other end of) Hamilton, and brought kewl Roots baby clothes for the kidlings! How sweet is that? We had a redneck front porch to greet them, too. We're busy throwing stuff out, and our front porch is the only covered area outside of our house where we could leave all the crap for pick-up this morning. If only we had a car up on blocks, and a fridge out there, we would have been full-fledged!
(We make SUCH a great first impression!) It was *cold* here all wknd, but not wet.

Amazon Woman said...


Don't hide it...we can see the redneck from here! Embrace it and get the cinder blocks going!

Keep smilin!