Friday, May 19, 2006


"Pin the Nose on Bert" was a game my mom made for my own birthday parties growing up. A big drawing of Bert (from Ernie and ) with a missing nose. Then, each of us was blindfolded, spun around and armed with a big oval nose. Good times, good times.

Anyway...have an amazing day, mom. May all your Berts have perfectly-affixed noses.


Ma Horton said...

..and I have graduated to pin the follicles on Fabio..Happy Cake Day to me .

Anonymous said...

Ma: I sure hope you mean the follicles on Fabio's head! ;o)

You are like fine wine, improving with age. Pa is one lucky man. Dawn and N@ are pretty lucky, too.

May you have a double-double great day.

Newsguy Bob

P.S. Do ya think you can talk your youngest daughter into going back to the old, better Infernal Journal? This one just doesn't work for me. I think Milky agrees with me, right l'Homme de Lait?

Amazon Woman said...

Happy Birthday Ma H!

Wishing you the best of the best!

Keep smilin!

JB said...

Happy Birthday to -

D.L., "Ma", 'Lady Madonna', country music-loving funny woman with sweet disposition, and any and all other titles (only flattering ones today, thank you) that may be bestowed upon you. You're a wonderful person with a great family, and that in itself should help to make every one of your birthdays happy ones.

If I were there, I'd get you a big Tim Horton's chocolate cake with chocolate icing...and just a couple of candles. ;-)

...Those ARE palazzo pants, right?


Maria said...

Happy Birthday Ma Horton... for the first time today in many months I even bought an iced cappuccino from Tim Hortons - a knew there was a reason, considering the fact I don't drink coffee.
Have yourself a wonderful day and many more happy years to come.

Sherri said...

Happy birthday! And, BTW you ARE a grandma -- to two chihuahuas and two cats, so there! :)

Jen said...

Happy birthday Ma! Wishing you all the best!!

Nat, I'm back in English. Your tip worked. Your site is not as weird anymore, thanks! But I have to agree with NGB, I liked the old one better. The Rant part is great,especially if it's less work for you and we get to read your posts more often! But the Sound Off part was much better before. It won't stop me from posting though!!

confused said...

All the best!

p.s. N@ I like the new site.