Friday, May 19, 2006

Ma's Coffee Shop!

HAH! Click on the above title and check it out. Here's what's mother didn't understand how to post on my own blog - so, she tried to follow the instructions and instead of making a simple, easy post - she ended up starting a blog. Don't ask me how it happened because SHE doesn't even know how it happened! HAAAA!!!!!

Is there ANY further reason why this woman needs to spend more time on the dubya dubya?

In addition...NGB - please don't be pine for the ol' rant page. It got SOOOOO hard for me to post there. It was annoying for me. It hurt me every damn day. You don't wanna hurt me do ya?

As far as the Sound Offs go, I kinda like THIS way better because then you know which post people are responding to. I find it better organized and you can read them all at once, as opposed to clicking on each link.

Anyhoo. Me and Corn are going for 'za tonight! Great little place called Al Dente in the hood. It's a bring your own wine. Bring on the Baby Duck.


Ma Horton said...

Nattycakes ?? May I borrow some of your cyber people cuz all I have so far is JB and you ,*weenie-child of my womb * , blog this and blurp that .

confused said...

This has nothing to do with today's post...But I just need to say on behalf of all students...THANK YOU FOR TIM HORTONS! I don't think students would be able to survive without Tim Hortons! Even though with the amount of money I have spent on coffee and Iced Caps the past 3 weeks I could have bought new shoes or something else it's a really comforting feeling to have Tims coffee flowing through my veins while studying for finals! Thank you French Vanillas for keeping me completely wired throughout all the all niters I have pulled this past week! :D Now MA H. you think we could talk about throwing in some couches and maybe a bed or 2 in all the Tim Hortons locations? Beds would be so great for those 20 min power naps in between studying ;)

alrighty I think I've rambled on enough...
Have a good long rainy weekend folks!
Confused misses the Sun! I'm in dire need of Vitamin D!

Maria said...

Ahhhhhhh AL DENTE in NDG I been there a few times. Great place. Wonderful Carbonara too! Just feels like it clogs up your insides and your gonna have a heart attack. lol Not something people should be eating everyday.

CQ said...

Hey, think I figured this thing out without creating my own blog.Yipee for me!