Thursday, May 18, 2006

More Tales from Transit

I realized that on the bus today, it was me...

and 6 old ladies!

That was it! Me and 6 old broads. And they aren't as innocent as they look...sitting quietly with their grocery bags and old school umbrellas. It's all an elaborate ruse. If you study them carefully, you see them covertly signaling one another: the knotting of a plastic rain headkerchief, the adjusting of a hearing aid, the tapping of a pruney finger on a cane.

I'm pretty sure, if I hadn't gotten off at my stop, I would have been on the receiving end of some granny gang violence. I would have been swarmed. Gasping in a cloud of old flowery of grandkids shoved in my face, used scratch tickets tumbling all over me from crocheted handbags, and bombarded with questions about when I'm going to get married and why I'm not dressed properly for the weather.

Yup. Old broads. Don't be fooled.

Which brings to mind the story of sweet 80 year old Mary Wohlford. Now THAT'S a tough ol' gal! :)


JB said...

The fact that 80-year-old Mary did that in response to what happened to Terry Schiavo is what impresses me the most about her story. Good for her! The religious zealots and the U.S. government AND HER OWN PARENTS who forced Terry to suffer by starving through that ordeal should be all shown this story. It probably would not make a difference to most of them, since you have to go quite a distance in the world being crazed about something in order to earn the term 'zealot' in your reference, but maybe it would reach some of them.

Ma Horton said...

Where am I ? I tripped on a megabyte , fell into cyberspace and lost N@land ???

N@ Lauzon said...

Hey Ma!

You seem to have figured it out alright, though! :) Embrace change. Change is good. Yessssssss.

N@ Lauzon said...

Hey the way, are we still all in French??

Sherri said...

O.k...she's going to kill me, but I just had a flash of Ma Horton as a killer granny on a bus, stomping the bejesus out of someone drinking a Starbucks. :)

There, that'll get Ma posting!

Ma Horton said...

Sherribaby ,
I actually do not resent the killer part , the bejesus , the bus or the Starbucks , but I am no GRANNY , so pppfffttt ...why do I feel like I am on an episode of *Lost * ?

Maria said...

Lets keep that 16 year old girl who had a mishap with a city bus in NDG in our prayers and hope she pulls through alright. Last I heard from Murray Sherrifs this morning it does not look good.

Hope she is due for a miracle.