Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I really gotta get some balls. I was walking down the street and saw a giant worm slowly wiggling his way across the sidewalk towards traffic. Lots of things flashed through my head:

Doesn't he know the lawn is the other way?

Is he trying to commit worm-suicide?

What if he gets trampled by a dog or shoe or gets picked up and thrown by a kid?

What if I come back tomorrow and he's been baked to the sidewalk by the sun?

So, I sucked it up, plucked up his wiggly body and tossed him on the nearest lawn.

I need a life. I think even the worm thought I was a lame-ass.

p.s. I hope to god I didn't touch that meaty, connecty chunk as seen in the photo. Touching worms is gross enough. Touching their meaty, connecty chunks is even nastier.


JB said...

I was recently reading that, in Australia, they have the largest earthworms in the world...Some are two feet long, and as big around as your arm.

...Kinda feel sorry for the early bird, doncha?


Maria said...

Picking up the long worm kinda reminds me of my honeymoon "NO not in that way!"
When we were in Punta Cana almost 14 years ago on our honeymoon we met another couple "Frank and Colleen" (they have since split) but we were all walking to the casino on the grounds one night when Frank saw a crab walking in the middle of the street so he was afraid it would get run over by a car so he and my new husband were debating if they should pick it up and throw it in the bushes they eventually decided to go ahead and save the crab so as Frank picked it up and tossed it ohhhhh so gently into the bushes... all we hear was "crack" the darn crab had hit a rock. So much for "saving it". I sure hope your worm didn't meet the same fate. However, I assume a worn can't crack so your in the clear! Good for you Nat.

Twiggy said...

That reminds me of when I was driving home from the cottage and i decided to take the back road, and as i was passing a march i saw a TURTLE trying to cross the road on the opposite bound lane. I screeeeeched to a halt on the shoulder got out of my car and ran back towards the turtle. Just as i'm getting close to it a car shows up (in the lane the turtle was in) and I swear to god they swerved and TRIED to hit it just to spite the blond idiot running on the backroad to save a turtle. Anywho the shell flew, and I saw liquid spouting out. "I was outraged!" (i might have thrown a few words a sailor would be proud of too). When i got to the shell, I realise the little bugger had just brought his limbs in...he was fine, in a "i just got hit by a car and my shell saved skin" sorta way. So i gently put him on the side of the road the march was on, hoping he would go the safer route.

Of course, driving home I realised I'd put him on the opposite side he was traveling when i spotted him.



ps. and on the subject of worms, I was at my boyfriend's grandparents house in the country last weekend, and they have a huge garden and it was raining and these HUGE-mongous worms we're sprawled out on the earth taking in the rain like Quebecers on a cuban beach soaking in the sun (, i don't mean to imply that quebecers are huge, but it makes the visual that much more stereotypicaly fun). But when we got close -zzzzptt right back into the ground...who here knew that worms could move super fast like that?

Maria said...

By the way Nat do you mind getting rid of that darn worm - everytime I check your sight during lunch time I can't begin to tell you how my stomach turns! lol