Sunday, May 21, 2006

Long Weak Ends

Hey - Happy Victoria Day! This is a statutory holiday for most people (not me!), celebrated by wearing traditional V-Day garb: Victoria's Secret undies. Fellahs, this means you too. Sometimes a guy just needs to feel pretty. What WAS Victoria's big SECRET anyway? Hi, I'm Victoria. And my secret is - I've been wearing the same underwear for 3 days.

Went to the Old Orchard Pub last night with Kim (Trading Spaces Kim I need to keep qualifying this, though? Actually, Kim reminded me it was exactly a year ago THIS WEEKEND that we did the show! And it was raining then, too!). The Old Orchard is a popular pub in my 'hood, but it was my first time there. Good times, good times. I'll be back. And now, Kim's off to San Francisco to wear some flour in her hair, or something.

My weekend consisted of buying a mini-BBQ for the balcony (Corn was so thrilled - he went out to BBQ in the rain on Saturday...all hunched over his tiny grill), and trying to un-constipate Flea. She was constipated for about 2 days. Nothin' goin' on down in pooptown. There is nothing sadder than watching a constipated little dog push her little heart out to no avail. I'm sure there must have been a vein popping out on her forehead.

So, I did what you should always do when researching an affliction: consult the internet! I pretty much guessed at the 'up the fibre' intake, but wasn't sure what to do for a dog. So, I cooked her up some green beans, bought some wheat bran, sprinkled it on her food and BAM was a dual poop day at the corral! I may start sprinkling the stuff on my 3 squares. Ah, bran - the great equalizer.

So - now, I'm happy cuz she's happy. Corn's happy cuz he's got a mini BBQ and Chachi's happy cuz he maintains regular bowel activity and subsequently enjoys the occasional poop sangweech.
And you should be happy cuz you've got an extra day off, ya crazy! Enjoy the rest of it. :)


Ma Horton said...

..oops ..Queen Senza'a long weekend ??( sorry the caffeine fix makes me post before my time )

JB said...

Actually had the day off yesterday, but I have come back to twice as much work because of the extra day - so it's a stalemate.

Had a good day at the in-law's yesterday, though. Took the twins (of course - as opposed to leaving them home alone to fend for themselves?)...
So there are new pictures @ sis-in-law's page -
PLUS some cute ones on MY new page (I still can't yet believe I HAVE a blog, but...) if you haven't yet visited.

By the way - Nat was the very first person to post on my page, and A.W. was a very close second!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, no matter what you did (or *didn't* do, Flea)...



Twiggy said...

what happens to #2? Will this be Taylor or Katherine in a few years?

Maria said...

So who caught American Idol? I thought it was quite good.
Who will it be? although I have been rooting for Taylor all along I am actually really liking Katharine now after listening to her do that last song - it was very, very good!

kim said...

Wow. Those Blogger people sure are sneaky. I was just trying to post a comment HERE and suddenly, I have created a blog of my own. I named in in honour of you, Ma. ;-)

I am in San Francisco now. I flew here on Monday and somewhere over Salt Lake City, we had one of those experiences where the plane hits an air pocket and suddenly plummets, people start screaming and your whole life flashes before your eyes.

Needless to say it only lasted a few seconds but it was better than any ride at the Brome Fair, I tell you. And my rat-tail didn't even get caught in the Tilt-a-whirl!