Wednesday, May 17, 2006

40 Winks

Riding the metro home today, there was a girl sitting across from me. She was sleepy. And I know she was genuinely tired and not the rest-your-eyes -while-maintaining-sensory-perception tired because...her mouth was hanging open! Poor gal. There she was sittin' in the train car, yap hangin' open like a barn door. I thought about tossing in a penny for luck but then I thought about how people do that at zoos and alligators eat the coins and die.

Instead, I started thinking about how I'd have to be dead tired to fall asleep like that in public. As I have mentioned to you before I am one fugly chick when I am sleeping and crying (not usually at the same time). When I cry, I look like Tammy Faye after being slapped around with a wet mop and when I sleep, I am an open-mouther (if you listen closely, you can hear coins jingling in there). So, needless to say, I really try not to do either in public.

If forced to pick doing one of those in public though, I'd choose the open-mouth sleeping. Because at least I wouldn't be conscious of the fact that people could see me. Til I saw the photos much later.


JB said...

I'm only commenting here on this particular post because noone else had written a comment, and I didn't want you to feel that your post wasn't worthy of some SWEET SWEET ASS (where did THAT come from?) comment in return.
And - Poop.

N@ Lauzon said...

Thanks for your reciprocal sweet sweet ass.