Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Change Would Do You Good

Don't be scared people! I know you didn't get adequate warning...but change is good, yes? On a whim last night, we just decided to throw over the entire card table, board game and all - and start fresh here.

I have been having a real helluva, trying to post on the old rant page. It was time-consuming and annoying and made me not want to post! Not to mention the fact that I was getting spammed up the wazoo! This set-up will ideally be easy and user-friendly. And no spammers allowed!

This new page SHOULD work on most browsers. On some (like my Explorer 5.2 for Mac), it doesn't. But it DOES work on Safari.

Also..Jen - FRENCH? I don't see anything in French! Is my text in French, too? What the...maybe it is a setting on your own computer?

Bear with me as we try to get things to some state of normalcy. There will be some bumps along the way, I'm sure. If it really sucks, I still have the old blog on standby.

I just wish the other regulars would say hello. I am wondering if they have the old rant page in their cache and haven't found this one yet. Think about this though..when you guys post, you too can create profiles which tells us a bit about you. Or you can stay anonymous in the ether...either way. It's all good.


JB said...

Well, this is me now.


...and it's all because I tried to post a comment, and I ended up buying a farm ...I think.


Maria said...

lol JB...

Kneesox said...

Hey y'all...am I a regular? Dunno.

Saw N@'s new pad (not maxi) when I was in Mtl in April. I miss Monkland Village! Looked around for Maria's lamb-on-a-spit BBQ but didn't see nor smell nothin'...I hope we weren't purposely left off the invite list.

Site looks good N@!

Maria said...

I have not had the lamb-on-a-stick BBQ just yet, so you haven't missed it.

Stay tuned...

Tara said...

Looks great Nat! Let me know if you'd like some help with a new template or some tweaks on blogger.. particularily making your comments more difficult for spammers to attack. I'm no great expert, but I've picked up a few things in the last year and change :)

(FYI - I know you won't remember me, but a hint - I'm the girl who knew the people in the St. Patty's day parade pic you posted last year. Yup, still stalking ya! lol)

Tara a.k.a. dabrat

Amazon Woman said...

Hi ho!

I like blogger. I have a site that I am developing but for now, I keep secret. Not because I don't love all fellow N@tholes..or trust you sneaky 'holes! Not much there yet!

We will just have to keep chatting this way.

I would rather have N@t on Blogger then no N@t at all...tear!

Keep smilin!