Thursday, June 03, 2010

Poop makes plants pretty

Holy crap! I'm growing food! Can't get over the difference from only a week ago. Here was my food last week. And here it is today:

We've had a lot of rain and a lot of sun - and these plants are up to their stamen in cow poop. I guess that's the secret!

The jalapenos:

Red pepper (still all green and new):




Unimpressed dawg (who'd rather eat the fertilizer):

Seeing as how I can kill a houseplant by looking at it sideways, I'm pretty thrilled my roof foods are workin' out. I might just have enough fixins for a couplea salads come August. Now, how do I grow dressing?

1 comment:

mary said...

You have to start growing olives and a vine of grapes! ;)