Thursday, June 10, 2010

The e-mail that made my week...

This arrived in my Facebook inbox a few days ago. All too often, I focus on the negative e-mails. They are few and far between, but damn - they can really get under your skin and linger like frat boy gas. Truth is, it's the nice things we need to retain. So, Christine - consider yourself retained. :) And thank you for makin' a gal's week.

Well...I thought for my birthday I would send Nat Lauzon a message! Nat, I have been listening to you for YEARS (Andre and Nat in the morning 2000!) and I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much joy you have brought to me and no doubt countless other listeners. Your voice and personality truly radiate joy and warmth. You are extremely genuine and this is very very discernable, even over the airwaves. Montreal is fortunate to have you as a radio personality and thank God some big fancy radio station in the US has not scooped you up....YET!!
I made a decision a couple of years ago that on my birthday I would give gifts (to at least 3 people) as opposed to receiving...well you are one of my my gift to you is to say...THANK YOU for enhancing by day! (I especially love when you take over the later rush hour shift as I am battling traffic....SORRY MARK!!)

Sincerely, Christine

a couple of things come to mind.....your bit about dog's paws and doritos today..Hilarious! I loved awhile back when you reprimanded drivers about not watching for pedestrians at crosswalks...also about 2 years ago you did a FAB interview with Joan Rivers....anyway..there are many many more great moments too numerous to count...keep up the outstanding work Nat!!!!

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