Friday, April 09, 2010


Hi everyone! I want to tell you about Casey...

Casey, is a sweet young pug (about 6-8 months old). She was found as a stray in Montreal, cowering under someone's balcony. Fortunately, that balcony belonged to a good samaritan who coaxed her out from her hiding place and took her in temporarily. It became quickly apparent that something was very wrong with Casey. She was vomiting, lethargic and could barely stand.

Turns out Casey has a liver shunt. It is a mostly congenital problem in which toxin-filled blood bypasses the liver. Since the liver is the organ that cleanses the blood, this means her body fills with toxins and slowly gets poisoned. Liver shunt surgery will likely save her life and has a high success rate. If she doesn't get the operation, her condition is a death sentence.

Right now, Casey is being provided with special medication in order to stabilize her for surgery, slated tentatively for two weeks from now, if all goes well. This young, affectionate puppy has had a rough start to life and now deserves this chance at a long and healthy one.

How You Can Help

It bothers me that a puppy with so much love and so much life left to live - suffers from this life-threatening illness. Worse yet, she has no owner to accept the responsibility of her veterinary bills. How can you look into the sweet, squishy face of a baby pug (I mean, LOOK at that face over there would ya?!) and not want to help? I thought blogging here might be a good way to keep a tally of our fundraising for this little girl. And give us the chance to share photos with you on her progress.

Donations are being taken through the registered charity, Loyal Rescue who will provide you with a tax receipt for your donation (FYI: Loyal Rescue is based in Ontario but functions worldwide and has been instrumental in finding homes for puppy mill dogs from Quebec).

To Make A Donation:

1. Click Here
2. Select the Blue Button that says: Donate Now Through
3. Select "Loyal Rescue" as the Fund/Designation from the drop down menu
3. Specify "Casey the Pug" in the message box
4. Pat yourself on the back

Casey + You = Peter Gabriel!

As an added incentive, thanks to a generous gift from my pals at Virgin Radio, I have an extra perk for you. Of course, every amount helps and is so much appreciated. But everyone who donates a minimum of $20 (or more!) will be automatically entered into a draw for Peter Gabriel tickets! He's at the Bell Center April 28th. ($20 for Peter Gabriel tix ain't too shabby!) - and you'll be helping Casey at the same time. VERY IMPORTANT: When you get e-mail confirmation of your donation, forward the entire e-mail to me here: along with your phone number to enter the draw!

So - let's get started! Please cross-post this to your blogs, your facebook pages, your e-mail lists - let's get little Casey the surgery she needs. We'd love to hit our $4000 goal in 2 weeks (It sounds a bit scary -but that means if 200 people donate $20 this can actually happen! Yippee!!) Without funds, the operation will be postponed or at worst, cancelled. And in this case, time is definitely of the essence. Please donate as soon as you can.

Oh, and internet? Thank you!!

(And of course, when she recovers - Casey will be available for adoption to a very special home! We'll keep you posted).


Cheryl (a.k.a Sherri, and vice-versa) said...

Heya Nat -- did my bit -- but, much as I love Peter Gabriel, wouldn't be able to make it to the show in Montreal.

very amused that my verification word here is "hasesh".

kamara said...

Hi there, thanks so much for caring for the little one. Hope my donation helps with your goal.
Love from Alabama

Anonymous said...

Where can we get updates on Casey's progress?