Monday, April 19, 2010

Casey shakes hands, kisses babies

Not really, but she did get to meet some of her human angels. :)

On Saturday, Casey the pug, her foster mama and I brought her to meet some special people. People who of their own volition, heard Casey's story and wanted to help in whatever way they could. Much to everyone's shock, the surgery money ($4000) was raised in it's entirety BEFORE the weekend!! But, the fundraisers continued as planned - to raise money for any aftercare Casey might need and for other animal charities (including Loyal Rescue - the place that will take care of her adoption process after the operation).

Thanks to the incredible staff at Global/Pitou Minou & Compagnons in Pierrefonds. The staff here are nothing short of incredible and let me tell you - they LOVE animals and are VERY knowledgeable. Check out their bake sale:

Balloons in her honour!

The staff gave me a TROPHY - a trophy, dammit!! - in recognition of helping animals (aw, shucks). And hooked up Casey with a beautiful gift basket, full of pink puppy goodies and donated a pink sweater to keep her snug. I know...can you stand it?! This is the luckiest little pug in the world.

Behold the love! .....

And it's not over! The store is continuing a raffle through until Friday. If you drop by before then - you can buy raffle tickets for Cirque du Soleil, free dog/cat food and lunch and cheese cake from the Main Deli! With 100% of proceeds to help Casey (if she requires aftercare) - and other animals in need at Loyal Rescue! WIN, WIN, baby!!!

We also went to say hello to Dorothy at the Elegant Garage Sale - a very talented woman with a flair for creating unique pieces of furniture! . Dorothy knows first hand, the importance of animal rescue. Last summer, she adopted a Quebec puppy mill rescue. Her name is Maggie, she is amazing - and she and Casey got along swimmingly!

What a great day! It was incredible to meet all of you!

I know I keep repeating myself - but I am really TRULY amazed at how this whole thing snowballed - thru Facebook and this blog and most importantly - YOU GUYS!!! (FYI: Congrats Veronica Di Perna - who won the Peter Gabriel draw!) There are some really incredible people out there. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for donating and for spreading the word. And for caring about a sweet little pug you have never met. Let's remember - there are so many more 'Caseys' out there!! Keep supporting animal rescues in your part of the world.

Casey's big surgery is one week from Tuesday. You better believe I'll keep you posted.

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Ma Horton said...

That is so beautiful in every way ..both human & animal. Proud of all of you for coming together.