Friday, January 01, 2010


Evil-eyed white rabbits eat the Big Apple

....have you broken your resolution yet? So far today, I have had 2 cookies and a box of Smarties. HAPPY 2010!! Good thing I didn't resolve not to eat crap - yay, I win! Score one for me and my ass!

How were your respective holidays?

The poop sangweech fiesta moved in with Misster Kitty for a week (thank you!!!!) while we headed up to Timmins. Spent a week up there, including a few days at the cottage - where, for the first time in my life, hello hello I'm at a place called vertigo. I got vertigo! Big time wtf, man. I woke up in the night with the room spinning (think drunk spins times 10) and my eyes going out of control, like this. Sessy, no?

Click to enlarge, stare and vomit.

Anyway - after 2 days of nausea and waking up like that - it went away after doing this thing called the Epley Maneuver. I don't know who this Epley guy is, but he saved my sanity. Vertigo blows and makes you feel like never drinking for the rest of your life. Speaking of - last night? New Year's Eve? Not a drop for this kid. ERGH!

But - the holidays were good. We had fun. I'll post some pics that Corn took, soon.

In Timmins, Corn bought a pair of big shit-kicker steel toe boots. He wore them with such uber-pride in Timmins and in true Northern style, I might add: loose, unlaced, clompy. That's how ya wear yer boots up there - like you might get called away to haul a load of lumber or jackhammer some concrete at any given moment. He fit right in. Except when our plane landed in Toronto and there was barely any snow. Heh. Then he looked like a weiner.

Anyway - Happy 2010 all - best of it to yas.

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