Monday, January 04, 2010


Here's a great, healthy alternative to a cream sauce for pasta. I've used this as a salmon topping before - but it's awesome on fettuccine:

plain yogurt, garlic (called for powder, all I had was raw), lemon or lime juice and a dash of cayenne. Mix it all up and set aside.

Saute some green onions and mushrooms - add some chicken if you like (I rubbed mine w/ Montreal Steak Sauce - which was good but I'll use something less salty next time)...drizzle with the yogurt mix (which you don't need to heat if you're serving on hot pasta)....

It's so good - super clean tasting and good for ya!

I'd have taken a pic but I wolfed it down.




Aimee Davison said...

Nat, I adore your writing and your sense of humor. You are my fave morning DJ.

If you are bored and need something to yak about, I am trying to do one hundred jobs for a minimum of $100 each here in Montreal. I'm up to Job 26. I get lots of offers for gross sex jobs by gross unsexy men. It's funny. I swear:

OneHundredJobs said...

Nat!!! I am up to Job 26, potentially Job 27. If you could get me a random job at the radio station, like your personal gopher/photocopier/Virgin texter, that would be mad rad. We'd be so baddddddddddddd! In a good way.