Friday, May 08, 2009

Road Rage

Some asshat got all road ragey on me this morning.

There I was driving all doot dee doo, lalala, just me n' Prius Brosnan and suddenly this dude pulls up beside me, cuts me off and slams on his brakes right in my face. So, of course I have to slam on mine. Truth be told, it actually didn't even phase me because this is Montreal and this kind of behaviour isn't all that rare. So, I was just thinking to myself, "Okay, asshole but whatever."

But we're at a red light. And then I see him turn around to face his rear window and he proceeds to throw the most unbelievable grown-up tantrum mine eyes have ever witnessed. I mean, flailing (yes, flailing!), yelling screaming - the works! He would honestly have put a 3 year old to shame.

And I'm sitting there goin' - Wow. Whoever is in the backseat is getting an earful.

Then I realize he's directing it at me. Me?! What the....?! And I actually started to giggle because I wished so badly that I could capture his tantrum on video and show it to my friends later. I mean, if that guy could see himself... did he think I could hear him screaming away inside his car? I mean, what was the point?

So, he kept doing it. And the more he screamed inside his little hotbox the more simultaneously amazed and amused I became. I couldn't help it. I just couldn't get mad because it was so over the top it was actually funny. I guess he wanted SOME kind of reaction out of me though. So I cheers-ed him with my coffee and blew him a kiss.

And then I had a lovely rest of the day because he actually provided me with a hot phone topic and a great show. So - yay!

What a douchenozzle.

Have a non-pissy weekend!

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Maria said...

Thats way to funny.

It amazes me when I see people doing sh*t like that, I mean really --- how old are you?

I pity his family, living with someone with such a short fuse.

The mental institutions must be filling up and that leaves some of them out walking among the rest of us.

I wish I could have seen that.

P.S: You should have gotten his name and blasted it all over the airwaves. Now, that would have been priceless.