Sunday, February 22, 2009

Indoor Recess

It sounds kinda gross, I know. And I will admit - sometimes it IS gross. Our dogs pee inside. Not all the time, of course. They go outside when weather permits, go on walks, etc. But for the most part, when you own a 4lb dog in a ridiculous climate like ours, you don't venture out in the winter too often. It ain't good. And they don't even like it! Actually - go figure. The puppy mill dog who lived in a cage likes going out in the cold more than the pampered purebred. She's a tough ol' broad that one.

Our dogs have been trained on puppy pads forever. But recently, I made the switch to this thing called The Pup Head. It's indoor synthetic dog grass with a pee collection tray (like what they pass around at the end of a church service). Looks better, is more environmentally friendly (than buying pads all the time), easy to clean...and actually works! They took to it really fast.

And you don't gots to mow it.

I am a fan.

Stick that in your litterbox and chew it.


Newsguy Bob said...

Well. All these many years I thought Reggie and Flea were litter trained.
Does she complain because Farnsy leaves the seat up all the time?

John said...

How do you clean the faux grass?

I wish my dogs would take to something like that.

N@ Lauzon said...

The uh, 'solids' you pick up.
But the grass has holes in it, and the pee goes to a drainage tray at the bottom (or you can put ppr towels, newspaper to catch the spill)

I have cleaned it 3 x so far - hosing it off, soaking it in one of those enzyme cleaners, and letting it air dry which doesn't take long.

Misster Kitty said...

When it comes in a 1/2 size I'll go for one.. we just don't got the floor space for it now...

Jen said...

Nat, I swear just this week, I was thinking of inventing this very thing! I guess someone beat me to it... again! Where do you buy them? And how much does it cost?