Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Good Hair Day

I love Pharmaprix. I really do. And I love the Optimum Card. I really really do.

My shitty old hairdryer crapped out on me yesterday. So, on the way home from the gym I ducked into Pharmaprix to make
use of my Optimum points - had enough to get this 70 dollar baby for FREE! (and in fire engine red no less). Even the cashier guy was excited. His exact words were: "OH! SO MUCH FUN!" (okay, so it was a slow day for the guy, give him a break).


Ma Horton said...

Nice. Free is always fun .

Maria said...

WOW, $70 hairdryer for free? All I want to know is how often do you duck into Pharmaprix and for what?

I think I got $20 bucks off the total bill once --- yes ONCE! Well good on you. I love that its in fire engine red.


Lyndy said...

Good times.

tball said...

Nat, I couldn't agree with you more - love Pharmaprix and getting free stuff with my optimum card!!!!

Misster Kitty said...

Speaking of hair, I forgot to mention yesterday you make a sweet non-blonde!