Tuesday, January 13, 2009

...and we're back!

Technically, we got back on Saturday but if you've been following any radio stuff in Montreal, you know we launched ourselves as Virgin Radio yesterday at 4pm. So - it's been a bit of a whirlwind since settling our pasty wide asses (can you say, 'farmer's tan', Corn?) back down in La Belle Province.

Before that, I was off for 2 weeks solid. That hasn't happened in about 8 years or so. 2 weeks is an enjoyable stretch, let me tells ya. I was fighting off a cold during Christmas and brought a few phlegmburgers as my carry on, but the tropical sun sizzled the rest of sick outta me once we got to Mexico.

6 of us went on vaykay. We stayed here. It was fabulous. We went here - a big ecological park and swam with dolphins! Definitely a highlight. If the ratdogs would allow it, I'd have a dolphin too. And I'd let him sleep on the bed. It's not like it ain't wet already.

Here are a few pics for your ocular enjoyment:

Hotel Lobby

Towel Art FROM the Maid

Towel Art FOR The Maid

Dawn's Feral Cat Friend, Senor

Do Not Try This At Home

I've been trying to add more pics, but Blogger is taking for-freakin-ever - so I'm giving up. THROWING IN THE TOWEL. The towel shaped like a man, that is.

Anyhoo - yaddy yaddy boo boo. And then, yesterday we became Virgin. If you want all the deets all the time on the radio funsies - add our facebook application: http://apps.facebook.com/astralm/virginradiomontreal/

So, how do I feel about the change? Well - honestly, sad to see some friends go. Hey, it's natural. BUT on the whole, I am psyched about the changes and I can tell you very honestly, so is everyone else! Music is the same - but the stuff we get to do, our new features and interactivity and production is a blast. Radio needs to change and I'm good with that. As soon as I stop having fun, I'll pack it in. But for now - it's a hoot! And I really hope you guys like it too! We're workin' effin' hard in there !!

Try to blog atcha sooner than later.


Ma Horton said...

We demand more Mexican pics .

Misster Kitty said...




Ma Horton said...

PICadixie ..move it !

Maria said...

I simply LOVE Riviera Maya. Its been about 2 years since I was last there and I am so itching to go back. Maybe in the next few months.

We did XCaret when we were there, but we have not done XELHA, we said we would visit on the next trip. I am so glad you got rid of the nasty cold now you can set in and enjoy the -30 degree temperatures. MEXICO take me away now!

As for the new Virgin --- I am liking it, not very different from the old Mix 96. As long as you, Lisa, Kat, Mark, Chantal and the gang are there I will continue to listen.

Misster Kitty said...

And what up with no all over Donatella Tan? VERY disappointing!

tball said...

Love the towel - man you left for the maid!!!!