Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Recent Seizure


Anonymous said...

well I cried at work again. I really should just wait until I get home to watch this stuff. I do what I can to support the SCPCA and the various shelters in my area and when I see or read about these raids, I go home and play an extra round of fetch with my dog who repays me with cuddles and keeping me warm on cold winter nights

Ma Horton said...

Farming dogs is just wrong on so many levels. They give unconditional love and we give deplorable conditions.Fine and imprison the pet mill bastards. Make them lie in their own excrement and piss without food or water for years on end.Then let them die cold and hungry and leave their remains to be eaten by scavengers.
Sickening .

N@ Lauzon said...

Rebecca from The Humane Society who helped the SPCA with this seizure told me that at the last one, there were COBWEBS on the cages. The cages hadn't been opened in a very very long time, if ever.


Ma Horton said...

If I type anymore it will be grossly profane ... so I will just repeat ..sickening .