Wednesday, November 05, 2008


An urgent plea from the SPCA:

Friends, there is a SERIOUS situation right now with the remaining puppy mill dogs at the SPCA. The emergency shelter must be shut down this Friday and these remaining 17 dogs NEED FOSTER HOMES!
Here's a run-down of a few dogs that need your help:

- Female Jack Russel Terrier, approx 2.5 yrs old. Olivia loves to play ball and interact with humans. She is full of life and a pleasure to be around. Olivia would do great with an active family without other dogs as she hasn't learned how to share well yet.
(from Nat: I absolutely LOVE this dog - she is a real sweetheart and I would take her in a heartbeat if I didn't already have 2!)

Gracie - Female Giant Schnauzer Lab Cross. Gracie adores humans. She tends to protect her home by barking at strangers. Once she knows who you are she gladly wags her tail and wants to go out to play. Gracie would be fine in a home with a male counterpart.

- Male Shepherd cross. Johnny is a big guy. He is very smart and knows sit, stay and come on command. he is very willing to please.

- Female Young Black Shepherd. Mini got her name due to her size. She is very petite. Mini is a bit shy but warms up to her humans as she gains confidence. Mini would love a quiet home to call her own.

Nixxy - Female Black Pitt mix. Nixxy is a very sweet girl, approximately 2 years old. She is typical of the pitty in that she is a big wiggle butt. Nixxy is thrilled with attention and gives tiny kisses to those she trusts. Nixxy is generally good with all people but a bit shy with tall (6' plus) men. Once she sees they are just as kind as everyone else, she relaxes and has fun.
(from Nat: again, this is one of the FIRST dogs I met when I started volunteering for the puppy mill dogs and fell in love with her instantly. She is so gentle and kindhearted!)

We need families who are able to work with large breed dogs such as German Shepherd, Bull mastiff, Husky, Pitbull, Leonberger/Saint Bernard,etc. The dogs would need to work on basic obedience and housetraining. Most of the dogs who have gone to their new homes have adapted very rapidly to their new situations.

-These dogs require socialization, love and a warm place to call their own.Should the interested families have other companion animals at home, an appointment would need to be set up to introduce the prospective foster dog.

- If interested in helping one of these dogs, please call 514-739-4444 for a preliminary screening. At that time, we will ask a few questions and set up an appointment to meet one of the dogs that would be suitable for your situation. Should we not have a suitable candidate for your situation, we will keep your information on file for a future prospect.


Jen said...

Nat, I have a family with two kids (3 and 11) and a 3-year old male dog (Shih tzu/Poodle mix). I noticed that at the SPCA, they usually prefer that the people adopting don't have any dogs or kids. Is that always the case?

Ma Horton said...

I wish I could do this . Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

I'm an adoption counselor at the Montreal SPCA, and I can say that we look for families that match with the dogs' temperament. If we have a large dog that jumps up on people, we would certainly advise a person with small children to consider a different dog since your child could get hurt from being knocked over.

N@ Lauzon said...

Hi Jen - yes, what the counsellor just said..
But it's definitely not always the case, as some dogs may have lived in homes with other dogs/kids before being given up for adoption.

However - because a lot of these puppy mill dogs are undersocialized, chances are we wouldn't want to take the chance placing them in homes w/ kids or other dogs unless otherwise specified.

Having said that - you can always give them a call (not to mention the other great adoption places listed to the right), mention your situation and when a dog comes along that fits your bill - well, then voila!!