Friday, September 05, 2008


If you know me, you know how irked I get when I see non-bikers on the bike path. Today - there was a guy, walking. And people WALKING on the bike path bugs me, but he brought it to a whole new level because as he was walking - HE WAS READING A BOOK!!! What a turdlick. DUBYA TEE EFF?!

I'm sure the book made a lovely soft, landing spot when he was inevitably plowed down by a Lance Armstrong wannabe.


This is the first weekend since mid-July that I have had no work/other commitments. I'm psyched.


Newsguy Bob said...

Bike path! Hah!
Our sports anchor was out on his mountain bike several weeks ago. He spotted an old lady taking a dump in the bush and got so distracted, he hit a rut on the trail, went flying over the handlebars, and dislocated his shoulder and messed up the tendons or whatever around it.

Painful, but funny!

tball said...

Oh man, that is a funny story yours and newsguy bob's!

ZoeyBella said...

Nice to be able to enjoy a weekend here and there without any work getting in the way, isn't it?

I also can't stand people on the bike path who don't belong there. But then again, I'm kinda lazy and I don't really use my bike. But if I did... oh man, get out of my way...

Ma Horton said...

So is "yeesh " a word ?