Monday, March 24, 2008


It's a weird state you get into, when you have time off. You lose track of the day. The time. Your name. Your pants.

This is me, starting another week off. I know! And I love it because I am doing so much housey stuff. Two weeks ago (during my first week off), I stained a dresser. Bought curtains and new bedding, storage for the bedroom closets and installed new shelving in the linen closet. I was quite proud of that last one because it involved drilling holes and using anchors. Last week I also got my hairs did and parallel-parked for the first time. PERFECTLY, I might add.

This week, I have a dental appointment, a night out with old friends, a night in with old friends, a birthday dinner and the Vagina Monologues! And in between that, I'm gonna try to be housey-productive again. And now, it's off to the gym, before all the noon sweathogs get there.

Just wanted to check in. How you all?


JB said...

I would've thought 'staining a dresser' would more be something one of the dogs might do.

Anonymous said...

hey nat@ listen to the nooner show & heard the request for me sent from my wife,couldn't ask for a better b-day gift.i know my dad enjoyed too.

Maria said...

Getting back to your routine after holidays is sucky, sucky!