Tuesday, March 11, 2008


But still hope to see you out here! (hoping I can make it too...)

Another demonstration is being planned in front of the SPCA on Jean Talon,
on Saturday, March 15 at 1:30 pm.

PLEASE help us once again by your presence. We need to keep up the
pressure for change and investigation of practices. We were very
successful in making our point last time, we need your help again. We are
all there with one voice—for the sake of the animals, remembering their
past and wanting to better their future!! We are all going as caring
INDIVIDUALS. We have been labeled as radicals and activists for wanting
an investigation. Your presence and that of others you know who care is
vital, every one of you counts! Together, with persistent optimism we CAN
make a difference by keeping the spotlight on the SPCA without
interruption until ALL is investigated.

Please take an hour out of your busy schedule to join our protest.
The most meaningful hour you can give for the cause we are working
for—an SPCA that is truly for the betterment of the lives of helpless
animals in their care, where YOUR money will be used for the purpose YOU
intend—for the animals in its care.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nat! Just wanted to tell you i support you all the way! Last year for a university project we organized a fund raiser for the SPCA and the woman in charge never helped us, our teacher invited her to our in class presentation, she never showed, when we went to drop off the check she took it barely said thank you and we never heard from her again... I found that was sad but it was a cause that i had to heart, i used to go to the SPCA on a monthly basis and i swear to you i was soo disgusted by the way this woman acted that i never set foot in there again.

JB said...

I think what drives me the most nuts about this, is that "an SPCA for the betterment of the lives of helpless animals in their care" should GO WITHOUT SAYING. It should be - in a land where we have more rights and freedoms than arguably ANY other country on the face of this blue ball - not just what we EXPECT, but when an organization is called the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - animal cruelty prevention damn well BETTER be what they're doing.

Good for you - again.

...and enjoy your vacation time.

KimmaJimma said...

You are not on vay-cay anymore. I heard you on teh radio today. Asstard.