Friday, February 29, 2008


WHAT: Gathering in front of the Montreal SPCA


WHEN: SUNDAY MARCH 2, 2008 – 13H30

WHERE: 5215 Jean-Talon West, Montreal, Qc Namur Metro

We invite you to join us in exposing the flagrant irregularities at the Montreal and Laval SPCA, under the direction of Pierre Barnoti and his associates on the board of direction. As per the CTV special investigation seen from February 11th to the 15th, there are proofs that considerable sums were misappropriated and not used for the protection and well-being of the animals, unfortunate enough to be in these shelters.

We demand that the board holds an extraordinary meeting urgently and ask the resignation of the director and his board which must be done prior to elections and would allow honest and devoted persons to apply. Forensic accounting is long overdue! Too many honest employees and volunteers were fired as they showed their loyalty to animals and dared ask pertinent questions. They were outraged that it was tolerated that some would personally benefit from the organisation's funds, to the detriment of the suffering animals. It is now time that mercantile and dishonest behaviour never again have a place to grow within the SPCA. Dignity and respect towards animals must prevail.

The animals waiting in death row have no voice and no choice; all they have is US. PLEASE BE THEIR VOICE AND DEMAND THE RESPECT OF THEIR RIGHT TO A QUALITY OF LIFE AND DIGNITY.

We must individually and collectively assume this responsibility on behalf of the animals. We owe them so much more... They deserve nothing less...

Let's fire dishonesty once and for all!

This is a spontaneous gathering and no group or individual is managing this event. We are all united so that loyalty and truthfulness overcomes!

Please attend and be the voice of these silent prisoners!


Anonymous said...

Nat, I'm posting! I don't know what the problem was earlier (as per my e-mail), but I can post now. Will do my best to go to the gathering with my own ratdawg! Hope to see you there!

Ma Horton said...

I urge all of you to try and go the Montreal S.P.C.A ..a similiar situation happened once in Timmins and the perpetrator was eventually fired . You have the power to do this .Prove you care by being there .

N@ Lauzon said...

I will be there!