Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Demonstration

So, I took part in my first ever demonstration this afternoon outside the Montreal SPCA - calling for the removal of Pierre Barnotti and the current administration. For a demonstration that had only a few days of e-mail circulation, the turnout was fabulous. At it's peak there were people at all 4 corners of the intersection and in front of the SPCA building.

People were very peaceful and nice - and heartily encouraged by passing motorists, honking their horns frequently. It was a really nice group atmosphere. The support was nonstop from cars going past - even city buses and a fire truck, showin' the love!

I want to take a moment to say hello to Marina and her boyfriend James. Marina found out about the protest thru this blog (she was googling, and got to me!) and showed up to show her support. Very cool to meet you guys and thank you for coming. I can't believe you recognized me in my hat and shades - HAH! Check back here for upcoming events. :)

Of course there was an assemblange of Montreal's unsung heroes - Gerdy, of Gerdy's Rescue (see links), Anne Streeter who has been involved in animal rescue for most of her life, volunteers from Animatch, former SPCA volunteers and various local rescues coming together to help those who can't speak for themselves.

I'd heard that Nicole Joncas was going to be there - but didn't see her til the very end. Someone pointed out a tiny, adorable button of a woman standing across the street from me with a placard that weighed more than she did. That was Nicole - the most unassuming person you could ever meet. But THIS is the woman who may - just may - singlehandedly put an end to puppy mills in this province. She's awesome. I can't put it any other way.

Nobody was fanatical. No one was out of line. We are all just regular people who want to see something done about an administration which has been allowed to misappropriate donations for far too long. No more lies. No more coverups. No more unwarranted euthanasias. It's time to speak up on behalf of innocent animals. And that's that.

Some pics for ya:

Me and Sharman Yarnell from CJAD.

Sharman and her main man Walter.
Sharman, Mary and me.

Me and Nicole.


Anonymous said...

where the money goes? Barnotti is preparing his retirement in Italy, and search a lover to come with him. Applie on

Ma Horton said...

I would have been right beside you if I could . Good show !