Friday, February 15, 2008

Montreal SPCA

If you haven't been following CTV's excellent in-depth investigation of the Montreal SPCA - you HAVE to click here and catch up. Last night's broadcast had me freaking out after finding out that the veterinarian who had spoken on camera about excessive euthanasia rates was FIRED by the SPCA the afternoon the piece aired. Fired because he simply stated the fact that they euthanized many more animals than they should have last July alone (537) - and at times, as ex-volunteers claim, the wrong dogs. It's INSANE. And you know what? Bravo to that vet. Good for him for speaking out. I have a feeling this is going to all unravel very, very soon. And it's about time.


Ann-Marie said...

I've been hearing from a animal rights activist in Mtl/Laval for 8 years now that Pierre Barnoti of the Montreal SPCA runs the society as his personal fiefdom. He is not an animal lover. I was once at the opening of the Mtl Film Festival and in conversation with Barnoti, Peirre Bourque and a Film producer from LA who threatened to shoot his film (100 million dollars worth) elsewhere given that Quebec i.e Montreal has such an abyssmal reputation internationally with regards to animal protection and rights. Barnotti promised reform. The movie was shot here regardless but Quebec (thanks in large part to Barnoti) is still considered a fraud in the world of caring for animals. I hope this current scandal results in Barnoti's disgrace and dismissal. He should be held accountable and internationally shamed. To this same producer Barnoti sleazily announced that he loved animals having 2 of his own. I'm a film location-manager and so very disgusted that Barnoti still has power over the lives of these innocents. I'm retired and living in BC. Excellent job CTV. How can people like me help get rid of Barnoti?!

Janine Larose said...

The Mtl SPCA has been corrupt for the last 20 years or so. But Barnotti has put the last nail in its coffin.

Let's hope he will have the good sense to pass the reigns to competent people ready to help the animals.