Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The other Ugg.

I got crocs for Christmas and I love them and I wear them almost every day but I'll never wear them outside unless there is a fire and it's the only footwear I can find in an emergency situation and even then when everyone in the building is huddled outside in groups waiting for the firetrucks watching their worldly possessions go up in flames cryinghuggingcursinglamenting I will still try to divert any possible shred of attentionfrommyshoesbypointingand


something like



Newsguy Bob said...

You wouldn't be so self-conscious of your crocs is you had cool Ottawa Senators ones like mine.

Amazon Woman said...

I love mine....they are fugly as all can be and are EXCLUSIVELY house slippers. Never the tootsie stroll outside our compound in the Crocs. I have Croc flip flops that are pillows for your feet. I want to buy a pair of wedge high heel Crocs so that I can wear it to work!

Keep smilin!

Misster Kitty said...

From what I hear they are Uber Comfy... but look like shite.

Hey ... didn't Corn get a matching pair? ...I think a pic is in order!

Marisa said...


You are one of them, aren't you? LOL You Croc-lover, you!

Funny how we wrote about Crocs on the same day at roughly the same time.

Ladybug said...

One of my friends got the Mary Jane style and they aren't nearly as hideous as the originals. At least get yourself a couple of fun decorations for them.

Maria said...

I bought my daughter a pair of bright pink ones with cool little Mickey Mouse and Barbie decor pieces and I have to say they look super cute on her and she says they are VERY COMFY.

So enjoy the crocs and hope there is never any fire where you would have to wear them out in front of others.

Twiggy said...

I used to be a member of Facebook's "I don't care how comfortable Crocs are you look like a dumbass" group, but i had to leave it when my mom, dad and sister all got themselves a pair. (and i needed less groups, and really, ppl get much too enflamed/quasi-violent in these types of forums) It's not that they (my family, not the enflamed Facebook group ppl:P) don't look like dumbasses wearing them (cuz, you know, they do), but it's just that i couldn't help but stealing a wear when my sis or mom didn't have them on and they really just incredibly comfy.
But they are not for public eyes.

Question: are the mary jane pairs AS comfy as the ugly clog-y ones?

Newsguy Bob said...

They're comfy cuz they're made with the same rubber that operating rooms in hospitals are made with.

-Another Cliff Clavin moment brought to you by NGB

Newsguy Cliff said...

Man, nothin' like a Cliff Clavin moment to bring a thread to a dead stop, is there?