Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nocturnal Transmissions

I had a radio nightmare the other night.

I'm not sure if work-related nightmares occur in other professions, since radio is the only thing I've ever done. So maybe you can share yours...

But I DO know that everyone who's spent some time in this biz - has radio nightmares. I've had them as long as I've been in radio - almost 19 years. Mine aren't a recurring dream but retain the same basic elements: the equipment's changed and I don't know how to use it, the station's moved and no one told me, dead air, I'm late for work, I open my mouth to speak and nothing comes out.

The other night I dreamed they changed our cd players. The new equipment was a black tube, the width of a straw. You had to slap it, to power it up (insert joke here). Then, moving like a snake it would find a cd, flip it out of it's case then suction itself to the cd itself to pick it up. Once it had the cd sucked up it would hand it off to a mechanical hand. Who would take it and place it in a cd player.

What the hell, man? Anyway. In my dream I was freaking out because this new equipment took too much time to get a song on the air. Then I woke up and discovered I had peed the bed.

Just makin' sure you're still listening, freaks.

Anyway - that's that.

Also, will someone please tell me what the deal is with getting zits in your 30's? It seems not right to have zits at the same time you're starting to get wrinkles.

Thank you and good day.


Newsguy Bob said...

Nat, I'm four months from the big 5-0, and I still get the occasional zit. I also have similar recurring radio dreams, and I haven't peed the bed or worked in radio for 17 years.
I had a very vivid TV dream the other night. One of our best camera guys was being laid off. Jonesy is a great guy, as well as a great camera guy, and a member of my Weekend Dream Team (so-called because we have absolute skeleton staffing levels on weekends and still put on an excellent newscast). When I woke up, I hadn't peed the bed, but I was pissed at management for laying Jonesy off.

JB said...

Sorry. I don't have radio nightmares.



...okay, I'm better. Must get back to the nightmare.

Jen said...

Nat, I'm totally with you on the zits! I'm just about to turn 30 and I still feel like I have a teenager face! It's especially hormonal though because I usually get them during PMS!
I have a boring office job and I've done other jobs too, and the nightmares are always part of any job. Sometimes, I'll dream that everything has to be coded. Then I wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble getting back to reality. I still feel like everything should have a project number or something. Or I dream that I have a deadline to reach. Fun things like that. I think it happens when we're very tired or stressed out.
Now, I hope this post will actually post because all my last ones didn't. I'm especially upset that the one about the reusable bags and Tim HOrton's cups didn't post, but what can I do...
Have a great day!

Cheryl (a.k.a Sherri, and vice-versa) said...

I have teaching nightmares, and late-thirties inner and outer nostril zits.

Misster Kitty said...

Yea zits suck, I still get em too. Boo Hiss!

As for those nasty work related dreams, I've had them for every job I've ever had except for my current job (knock wood). In fact I still have the odd nightmare about jobs I used to have, especially this one job I had at a Second Cup in Dartmouth. I have them a couple times a year and always in relation to my moving back to Nova Scotia from Montréal.

I also have actually had the "showing up at school nekid dream" but then I also once had a dream where I had to sneak into Russia (before the break up) dressed as a Circus Bear to help Raisa Gorbachev escape a murderous plot.

Maria said...

Geeeeeez Kitty what kind of dream was that about Russia? Who has dreams like that? heh!

I usually tend to dream that I am flying.

As a kid I dreamt of 6 numbers I marked them down for my dad to play in that weekends lottery... we won 5.5 million... HAD HE PLAYED THE FREAKIN' numbers. He forgot to play them. When he checked my numbers he freaked out... was not able to sleep for a month after that.

I am hoping I will again dream of numbers, but nothing yet.

Newsguy Bob said...

Okay, I think one of Maria's multiple personalities is Hurley/Hugo from "Lost", what with the numbers and everything.

Now Hurley is someone who could really use those diet cookie thingies. Dude is huh-YOOGE.

Maria said...

I have plenty of cookies for anyone who needs some. I gave up on them as they were making me gag. Now I am on the shakes and they are actually quite good.

Next weigh in is tomorrow.

BTW, what multiple personality? Whatcha talkin' about Willis?

Melissa said...

Which is why I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin, the anti-wrinkle cleanser for acne-prone skin. *holding the bottle with a fake plastic smile plastered on her face... that still has wrinkles and occasional zits*

JB said...

On a completely different subject, I think your friend KimmaJimma has been kidnapped by an Italian man.
No postie long timey.

Newsguy Bob said...

Oh, sorry, Maria, that's ME with the multiple personalities.

One thing about it, though: I'm never alone.