Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happy Spanksgiving!

It's a beautiful, sunny Sunday in Montreal!

Corn and I went out to run some errands - and got none of them accomplished. But who cares?!
It's sunny. It's Sunday. We are happy and healthy, the dogs are walked and in a few hours we're goin' to eat food someone else makes. Diggit.

We had a bite of sushi while out and about, and I got to wondering - what the heck is IMITATION crab all about? Why?!! Is there other imposter seafood out there? What is the reason for imitation to begin with? Is it too pricey? Hard to come by? Corn had no idea. I have no idea. So - I am putting it to you - in blogland - why does imitation crab exist?!!

And aside from that - try to join us for 80s 90s Monday all day on the Mix tomorrow!


Angry Gnome said...

I have often wondered if imitation crab was like, soggy flavoured paper or something. Happy Thanksgiving!

Misster Kitty said...

I dunno I knida like imitation crab... and it's WAY cheaper!

All Day 80's-90's Nooner! WOO HOO!
N@ you're gonna be the soundtrack to my Turkey Dinner!

ZoeyBella said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Nat! (I herad you on the radio today... today being Monday, that is!)

JB said...

I ask myself the same question about all the imitation Elvises in the world..but I don't think the two are connected. Matter of fact, I don't think Elvis even ATE seafood. Can't imagine peanut butter and crab sandwiches...If he did, would all the imitation Elvi then eat peanut butter and imitation crab? Is there such a thing as imitation peanut butter?
...I think there's a gas leak in here...
Happy Thanksgiving. We're having chicken. Is that like having imitation turkey?