Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Thingies

Weekend Randoms:

1. We had a potty. We had good times. I made girly drinks in the blender. And a fun drink recipe my sister gave me. It's called a "Seabottom": 1 shot Blue Curacao, 1 shot Bailey's, Coke and ice. YUM. It mixes by itself all blue/brown/green. If you are drunk this could make you feel sick. But if you are drunk, standing up could make you feel sick too.

2. I spotted Reggie sitting on the shoe mat near the door where he never sits. His ears were flat and he had a guilty face on. So, I walked up and noticed what he had been witnessing. Flea was in the front closet with her nose buried in a chewed open garbage bag. She saw me and lifted her head up, with red pasta sauce all over her white chin.

3. I had a nap. And drooled.

4. Some random guys came onto our roof terrace and started painting the brick wall white. Yes, I said white. Instead of confronting them, I shut the blinds and watched TV. I figured there was a reason. They also painted our neighbours' walls white so it must be something important right? Otherwise, we going to have to paint a mural there. And I am suggesting a Britney thru the years, theme. I will use paper mache and raw pasta.

5. I broke the blender (the one I used for girly drinks). It was my grandmother's and it was given to me, the poor university student, after she passed away. I think it was from the 70's and I don't think she even used it. Sometimes it leaked. It had lots of different buttons (Crush, Grind, Grate, Liquid) but they all did the exact same thing. Don't even think about crushed ice, it couldn't smash anything up that was firmer than a grape. You'd be drinkin' and suddenly a rogue chunk of ice would slip down your throat. Good times. But I used it almost every day for smoothies! And it always pulled through. Anyway, yesterday I dropped it. I was disappointed. But I think my grandma will be okay with me getting a new one. One that can grind up gold bricks so I can sprinkle fairy dust in my wake.

6. Robbed a museum of gold bricks.

7. I worked. Wrote a dang show. It kinda sucked. I wasn't feelin' it. The nation will suffer next weekend because of my ineptitude. I will feel like Stephen Harper.

How were your weekends, fruitloops?


Maria said...


Sometimes I drool when I sleep too. I think I am gonna be drooling even more in the next few weeks since I am not gonna be eating any real food and eating a whole bunch of cookies that taste the same.

My mother has that same blender and it still works. I know what you mean about all the different buttons though that do the exact same thing - as a kid I always wondered why no matter what button you pressed it had the same result just a different sound.

Lastly, you may feel like Stephen Harper but not so sure anyone can EVER be him no matter how hard we tried. Thats not necessarily a bad thing.

Misster Kitty said...

Sounds like fun. Tell me more about that drink... Gay minds wanna know!

And ya know what's spooky? Didier broke our food processor... ok it's not a blender but it is an attachment of our blender.. so um ok, sorta spooky.

OH! and I think we saw Scro and Tum at Park Lafontaine when we went Squirrel Rustling...

Newsguy Bob said...

Yer a silly goose.

Newsguy Bob said...

What is it about grandma's blenders? I inherited my grandma's blender, too. My sister stole it and wore it out. I now have one of those leaky plastic pieces of crrrrrap.

I heard a great line about Montreal tonight on How I Met Your Mother. Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) said he and the other guy could pick up a couple acrobats from Montreal, and get Cirque de Soleil'ed.

Hey, N@, where's yer Ma? Did they keep her in the home in Huntsville?

An' on the weekend... I went outside wifout my helmet... an' I seen a bird. But not Scro an' Tum. I think they're in Munreall. I gotta go take my pills now.

Ma Horton said...

I slept all weekend like Rip Van Winkle and now I have to go shave .

Twiggy said...

Bc my grandmother didn't have a blender (i did get her crockpot though..or as my bf calls it, her 'crackpot'), my parents got me something WAY better than a blender: a Braun, 2 speed hand blender. Makes the perfect smoothies, etc etc. Got it at (*whisper*) Walmart for about 40$. I don't know if they still sell'em, but if they do you'll be looking for this:

I repeat: makes awesome smoothies (and easy to clean!!)

Why do I always sound like a salesperson? sheech...but I do love my blender...

Misster Kitty said...


So I tried that drink on the weekend... alls I can say is it's more "girl-drink' than this fag could handle.

PEE-YUKE! What a horrid tasting mess... and look, basicially if it's got booze in it, I'll drink it... but THIS was just narsty!

sure I finished it... SURe I finished it (and I did keep it down) but never again...