Friday, September 14, 2007


If this doesn't make you all squishy, you are simply not human.

It comes from an animal sanctuary in Goangdong, China, where a 12-week-old macaque monkey, who was abandoned by his mother and almost died before he was rescued, has become best friends with a PIGEON.


Ma Horton said...

I told you that pigeons were nice ..on a Freaky Friday note , I was watching Ellen today who had that very picture up and seconds later I am here .

Newsguy Bob said...

Two things:

1) Ma, I'm sure you'll agree that Nat is funnier, prettier, etc.. etc. than Ellen any day

and b) At first, I thought it was Scro or Tum with Marcel

Misster Kitty said...


I think we should name the Pigeon 'George'... 'cause Marcel will hold him and kiss him and squeeze him...

JB said...

Speaking of making you all squishy, check this out:

Apparently, it dates back quite a few years, but this is the first time I've seen or heard of it. Pretty cool story.

Jen said...

That is so cute. REmember, I'm the one that thought Scro and Tum were cute... But this really made me all squishy! Aren't white female pigeons called Doves though? Wouldn't that make them even cuter?

Oh yes, one last question, since you don't have Scro and Tum around anymore, are you just googling pictures of pigeons often? Are you trying to find any kind of picture of them so you know they're ok and well taken care of?

Have a good week-end everyone!

Newsguy Bob said...

Yeah, N@, having empty nest syndrome, longing for Scro and Tum?

N@ Lauzon said...

But some of their shit still remains.

Maria said...

made me more than squishy... not exactly sure what the feelings should be called.

Oh YEAH get Corn to clean up Scro & Tum's shit already!!