Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Night Videos

Working in radio is a great gig, no question.

But one disadvantage can be this: if you play a song you like too much, it wears thin on you. And a song you once loved becomes...well, ergh. And you don't want to hear it again for a long, long time. (This is why I'm thrilled we don't play any of the new Crowded House. They have always been my favourite band and I would just die if I started to sour on them. Die, I tells ya!)

The good thing is, songs fall out of rotation eventually. And so - you get a break. And when you hear them again - it's with fresh ears. I've been reintroducing myself to a couple of Nelly Furtado songs tonight: Powerless and Hey Man. Say what you will about Nelly, but the girl is good. And she's always experimenting with different types of music and I diggit.

And in case you haven't heard any of the new Crowded House - check this out. It reminds me of CH, circa 1980's (Mean to Me, Something So Strong) and it makes me full of the happy.

And while we're at it - here are some 2 of my favourite Neil Finn tracks.

She Will Have Her Way

Throw Your Arms Around Me

That last one is my favourite song, period. Ever. Big statement, I know. So, that means it can't be your favourite. You can't write it's name on your pencil case, 'kay? Just me!

And remember this?

How could I forget about THIS!? Love this song.

Oh man, I'm having the best time reminiscing on youtube. :)


Cinoche78: said...

Kudos for those vids. CH rules, indeed. Sadly, the Finn brothers are the most underrated pop/rock musician in the history of music. They should know better. :-(

If you love CH, I think you should pay attention the latest Missy Higgins album, "On A Clear Night". The CD has been produced by Mitchell Broom, who also produced the first three CH album. And, as I expect, her album contains reminscence of CH. This song will prove me right. ;-)

N@ Lauzon said...

Y'know, as much as I can appreciate his talent - I was never a fan of Tim Finn. I thought he didn't fit in with the band when he joined for that one year. Though, Woodface is my favourite album, go figure. Neil Finn, however - amazing.

Mitchell Froom! :)

But I will definitely check that one out..thanks Cinoche!

Cinoche78: said...

Hehe. It's Mitchell Froom indeed. Since my appartment is messy, I'll use the freudian slip defense. ;-)