Monday, July 16, 2007

Guess Who Never Left?

I practiced holding my breath. Then, I got me some gloves, a bucket, a garbage can, a sponge and a lot of guts.

I went out to remove the big mass of pigeon refuse. There are 4 tires, leaning against each other sheltering the nest. I removed one. Then two. Then....

I noticed this:

My first thought was - Oh, crap. Scro and Tum crawled back there, suffocated and died and now I have to pick up DEAD pigeons AND their nest. But I looked a little closer and noticed. They were breathing! Very rapidly - afraid. But not moving a muscle. With the tire removed I had them completely exposed and their only escape was to remain totally still. And blinking up at me.

Cute little bastards.

I guess they decided to tuck themselves up deeper against the tires. Shrinkage action for Scro and Tum. I actually took that photo after I very gingerly replaced the tires. I could have gotten a better one but I felt bad - exposing their hiding spot and stuff.

And you know what's crazy? They are actually kinda cute right now. They are a powdery slate gray and very feathery. At this point, they could be ANY bird. Too bad they're gonna get "pigeony" in about a week.

So, against my more hygenic judgement, the stinkpile remains. At least for a little while longer.


Ma Horton said...

A wee bit of happiness for a dull and rainy Monday .I hope one day they soar with the wind and join in flight with all the French squawking pigeons of Montreal . My babies LIVE .

N@ Lauzon said...

Pigeons don't squawk.

They coo.

And shit.

A lot.

Misster Kitty said...

'Coo' rhymes with 'Poo'.

Coincidence, je pense pas.

Ma Horton said...

My father says we must use the word "evacuate " instead of sh**, so they coo and do that .

Jen said...

Thank you for admitting they are cute! I still thought I was alone on that...