Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Britney is still a tool.

Mistake #1: ugly pink wig.
Mistake #2: buying ANOTHER DOG.
Mistake #3: FROM A PET STORE!
Mistake #4: for $3000.
Mistake #5: holding it like it's a stuffed animal.

Britney, you suck ass.


Ma Horton said...

Hey we share the same last name ...but my puppies are waaaaay bigger than hers . ( ..JB hook )

Misster Kitty said...

I wish she's just crawl under a rock.

I pray for a day when people could care less about all the Brittney-Paris-Lindsay-Nicole-Tara-Victorias and their clones.

Good riddance to white trash.

JB said...

Lonely and seeking attention - mass produced - and separated from the mother.

...and the dog isn't in great shape, either.

(This is my best effort at avoiding the 'bigger puppies' hook from Ma)

(...and my word verification contains the letters 'bbq', which I think is a great idea for a day like today.)

ZoeyBella said...

Makes me never want to drink Starbucks again...

Prodizee said...

The upside is that when I clicked on the link there was a banner ad for DeWalt power tools on sale - WOO HOO!!!