Friday, June 29, 2007

Our New Wheels

Check out our sweet new ride, baby! Yeah, she's a bit quirky lookin' but aren't we all?

If all goes well, this weekend we will be the proud new owners of a Prius Hybrid. We are getting a 2006 used model for about $12, 000 cheaper than new sales price! It was inspected yesterday and the guy said it's in excellent condition. Just needed new brake discs which the dealership took care of. Ma even had a test ride in it when she was here. Looks brand spankin' new baby. And fully loaded with all the fun stuff. And as a special promotion, we get a free e-bike with it. And a bag of granola and a complete hemp wardrobe.

Hey, anything beats Corn's current ride. A 1994 Mazda 626 Cronos. This puppy has been on its last wheels forever and yet, it's somehow handled the gruelling 13 hour drive back and forth to PEI for 3 consecutive summers. It has no a/c but it does have a fan - which pours out hot air. I'm not kidding you - hot air. And even if you turn the fan off, you still get trapped in a hotbox because the front dash burns up like a hotplate after about an hour of driving.

Corn thought I was insane last summer because I bought a mini-fan attachment to plug into the lighter for when we drove to PEI. He made fun of me. I told him he couldn't have any of my air then. And then - I forgot to bring it. And sweat poured down my asscrack and I baked slowly for 13 hours at 350.

I guess one of the few positive things about the car is, it's so banged up - Corn has no qualms about rolling across the hood action-star style. Which he does more often than you might think. The car's made cameos in his short movies for that reason. What's another dent?

In the Cronos, there is no radio. It broke over a year ago. Corn did have an MP3 player..but that got stolen (FROM the car, by the way. Window's open - TAKE THE DAMN CAR TOO, WOULD YA?) OH! OH! And squeaky brakes. But not just while braking. They also squeak while driving. 2 years ago, the Cronos really DID get stolen. It was the happiest day of Corn's life. The day before the insurance money was to come in ($5000), the car was found. And so it goes.

So now - a new fuel-efficient car with a/c a stereo a touchscreen display, even! It's a big refreshing sigh of relief. But here's the kicker. We will have a new car, but we have to drive the old beast to the island ONE LAST TIME. Corn's rents want to have it on the island, just to tool around from here to there (and roll action-star style across the hood).

If I forget that fan again, I'm going to lose my mind.


Maria said...

I say tell them to come pick up the beast... or call Searail or Hansen's who do vehicle transportation and get them to send it by rail... better than having to suffer slowly by baking at 350...

Thats's my advise and CONGRATS on the new wheels I am sure you will look awesome behind the wheel and you can actually keep the windows closed and still STAY cool! Who woudda thunk it?

Suzanne said...

Congratulations Nat. and Corn.

Your old aunt Suzanne

Misster Kitty said...
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Misster Kitty said...


You realize, car life expectancy increases with the name you give it. Case in point my Mom had her Chevette for like 12 years and she ran like a dream. Her name... Yvette. Yup! 'Yvette the Chevette'!

Also a friend in North Hollywood CA has had a Grand Am since 1994 and it purrs every day for him still. The name... (I love this one) 'Jean-Claude Grand Am'

My old roommate had a Jeep Cherokee, he named it 'Jeep' it was in the garage more than out. You gotta be CREATIVE...

Here's what I gots for ya so far...
- Prius Brosnan (this is my fav)
- Priusilla Presley
-Priscilla Priusley
and god help me, may I be shot dead on the spot...
-Prius Hilton (I know. Kill me.)

What can I say... I gots Prius Envy!

Kudos, on yer wheels!

Newsguy Bob said...

Well, by now, I think it's a safe assumption that the new-car smell has worn off your relationship, so now you'll have it in... get ready for it... I'm channelling the spirit of the late Johnny Olson from The Price Is Right... A BRAND NEW CAR!!!

Congrats, Kids. If you feel like taking it for a ride, you're welcome at my crib in Ottawa. The rat dawgs can come along, too.

N@: Let Corn keep the old one, for those action-star moments. Boys never grow up, dontcha know?

I love Kitty's car name story. I, too, had a 1980 Chevette -- my first BRAND NEW CAR!!! Okay, so it was a demonstrator with 15,000 km, but it still had the new car smell. I sold it three years later to Sis and Bro-in-Law, so I could go to college. I still have dreams of driving it. In fact, I had one such dream last night.

My dad had a 1980 Pontiac Catalina at the same time. Nicest, smoothest ride you ever had. We joked that he drove a Catty (Caddy, get it?) and I drove a Vette.

Ahhh, good times, good times.

Maria said...

I love Kitty and his ideas!! I would hate to ever get into an argument at him he is sharp and witty and I would just end up poking him with a souvlaki.

j51 said...

hey n@ & friends how's everyone doing. i also bought a car mazda3 2007, keeping the old car honda civic 355,000 daughter will have it . i figured new grandson,in a new car.
congrats n@ & corn
u-guys have a great CANADA DAY WEEKEND

John said...

Congrats on goin' Hybrid! You won't regret it!
Yeah, once you have the brakes fixed, keep in mind that the strange lil' "steelie" noise you hear when you brake...'s supposed to sound like that.

N@ n' Corn... goin' green... and this time it's not just fer nose nuggets!! ;)

JB said...

I think it's real purdy (your new car)!
On a somewhat related subject - Although it has some boring moments, you'd probably be interested in watching "Who Killed The Electric Car?" (narrated by Martin Sheen), if you haven't see it already. It might make you a little angry if you're as liberal as I tend to be about all of that stuff.
Enjoy the new car, and get a clip to attach your personal fan to your person for that last drive in the old one, so ya don't forget it.

Ma Horton said...

I loved the white stallion . What a smooth ride . Kongrats kids . ..( on a snippy sidenote ..I nevah got a crib invite ...) .

Newsguy Bob said...

This friggin' bunch of cyperpeeps is turning into a real family. "N@ and Corn got an invite to NGB's crib, and I didn't." -- not to mention Maria threatening to use her souvlaki as a weapon.

We put the fun in dysfunctional.

Misster Kitty said...

So, I'm ever so curious...
didjas name the Prius yet?


ps EASIEST word verification ever on this post: hhccc