Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My Vote Counts.

Last night we had our first condo meeting. About 20/36 people showed up. We've got some really good peeps running the show. Long story short: our building was being run by a management company that never took care of shit and paid themselves $700/month of our collective fees. So - the residents voted to fire them and took over the job themselves. Really nice peeps and LIVE here, so they know the score. Plus, they pay themselves cheaper at $500/month to cover managerial expenses. I wouldn't want the job, though. I like to shirk responsibility. See? SHIRK SHIRK SHIRK! SHIRK THE THIRD STARRING MIKE MYERS AS SHIRK.

Condo meetings are funny because after someone proposes something you need someone to 'second' it. Like - "Mrs. Toothwiggler in #207 wants us to look into the use of sprinklers indoors on hot days. Who seconds that?" And then whoever wants to second it, raises their hand. It's like being at an auction, but not really having to commit to the result.

I like knowing where my $ is going though. And I like being given the chance to vote on what stuff should happen here. Like, we were talking about types of building security systems. And I proposed that we build a moat around the building. And the people voted and the vote was no. But, still. Democracy. It's not like I wanted pirhannas in it though.

Next meeting, I am going to suggest a perimeter of holographic sharks.


Misster Kitty said...

TOO FUNNY, and too true!

We have our 1st annual meeting next week, but it's not as bad, seeing as we're only 8 condos in the assoc. But I already know there's a whackjob there... Can't wait... I like the moat idea... I might even give it a whirl meself!

I'm still a little unclear on the sprinklers inside on hot days tho... LOL

Newsguy Bob said...

Whatta ya got against piranhas? They're low maintenance. Just feed them a newspaper boy or door-to-door salesperson/bible thumper once a week or so, depending on how many piranhas you have. Of course, if you're in a high-crime area, the feeding takes care of itself.

Jean said...

Thirty-Six Owners? Ouch, that must be hard to manage. I only have six here, we get along fine, but still differences of opinion can produce some interesting (and lengthy) discussions.

Totally agree with the self-management thing though, no one knows better how to run things than those who actually live there.

ZoeyBella said...

Sharks... with lasers on their heads ;)

Twiggy said...

I put forward the motion of appointing Nat the Shirk Manager.
Anyone seconds?

heheh..i was on the my student association committee and we went by the rules too..even wrote minutes down and accepted the agenda etc. Also, we do this at my cottage...it's usually a big fight between the boaters and the anti-boaters though..Something tells me that the lake assoc. would not for the piranha idea either ;)

Maria said...

Get Frank Spadone's suggested alarm company "Connected Force" lol to manage the building. You would need to have heard his stand up comedy act to get this one...

Misster Kitty said...

I second N@ for the N@ the Shirk Manager.


The exec. of our Condo assoc had a meeting last night. Didier is the Treasurer so that makes me the First Lady of the Treasury (grin) While I usually don't go to the exec meetings, since this was at our place I was included. It was after my Dentist appointment tho, so I didn't 'schpeek musch' ;-) Anyhoo they debated over 15 mins on weather or not to add to the general assembly meeting's agenda the topic of adding flower boxes to the front of the building.

NOTE: This was not to decide that we'd HAVE flower boxes, only to decide if we should CONSIDER adding flower boxes. I can hardly await if we DO... imagine the plant selection process. That general assembly is gonna be a real fun-fest.

I'm already stocking up on red-bull for the occasion.