Saturday, June 02, 2007

First, I'd like to thank the academy...

From the Montreal Mirror's Best of Montreal survey:


1. Java Joel (94.7 Hits)
2. Terry DiMonte (CHOM)
3. Cat Spencer (Mix 96)
4. Mike Metal (CHOM)
5. Mitch Melnick (Team 990)
6. Aaron & Tasso (Q92)
7. Budda Blaze (CKUT/K103.7)
8. Don Smooth (K103.7)
9. Dan Behrman (Radio-Canada)
10. Mike Regenstreif (CKUT)
Honourable mentions: Bernie St-Laurent (CBC) • Luke Native ( • Nat Lauzon (Mix 96)

Did you see that? Did you see the last honourable mention? HEH. What I WILL say is that I am absolutely poopin' flowers that Mike Metal made #4. Mike is a friend of mine AND I LOOOOOOOOVE that he's #4! It really is the best thing I've heard all day.

Know what else is fun? As far as I can tell (though, I can't vouch for what Cat Spencer likes to wear in his spare time), I'm the only chick on the list.

And for anyone who voted for this chick, thanks. :)


Misster Kitty said...


Next year we'll git ya in the top 10 for sure!

Misster Kitty said...


Next year we'll git ya in the top 10 for sure!

Anonymous said...

Congrats N@! You're awesome and We the listeners and readers of your blog all LOVE YA! (though I don't know you! hehe)
Speaking of the mirror...I love the Best Stand Up Comedians list! and my Andrew Searles who is a local comedian made 7th place! I'm so proud of him. Y'all should check him out at the Comedy Nest!
Here's the list if you haven't seen it!
1. Peter Radomski
2. Sugar Sammy
3. Joey Elias
4. Deanne Smith
5. Mike Paterson
6. Kevin Gasior
7. Andrew Searles
8. Lydia Lockett
9. Louis José Houde
10. Russell Peters

I love Joey Elias as well!

Anonymous said...

ooups... little typo. I meant to write "My friend Andrew"

Newsguy Bob said...

Poopin' flowers, eh? Come on, Girl, we want to see pictures of that!

All seriousness aside, congrats, N@. Is it a safe assumption that morning radio people have an advantage over midday types in such voting?

T said...

Good on ya girl....we here in blogland always knew you rocked and I think you deserve it!

Maria said...

Ditto to all the above, you definately deserve it - even if you are a CHICK!

Keep up the great work!

JB said...

Well, yes, Honourable Mention doesn't even begin to cover you. I'd have you top 5 if I was allowed to vote. By the way, I really did mention - ON AIR to Abe on CJAD on Friday - that you are a really big fan of his...just as he was saying his goodbyes to me.
So, if he gives you strange looks in the hallway - or never has me on his show again - you'll know why.

Ma Horton said...

Mommy is proud of you baby . You have come a long from the 13 yr old who worked her Saturday nights on loca radio .

Ma Horton said...

..that would be LOCAL..but hey somedays it was LOCO too .

Anonymous said...

Is that the story she gave you, Ma? And you believed it?!

Jean said...

Hey Nat, you should have made the top 10... all of you at the MIX should have!!! I also agree with Mike Metal, he has a fun show, and for him to make #4 with just an hour at midnight Saturday is quite impressive!

Twiggy said...

congrats nat!
HOWEVER, considering that technically 94.7 isn't a 'local' radio station, we should take Java Joel outta there (i don't know who he is so i don't feel bad) and just slide you in the top spot. You know, where you belong. :) Yay for the chick on the list.