Thursday, May 31, 2007

Attack the Snacks

If you haven't seen my recent status on Facebook (seriously, you're not watching my every move? DAMN YOU PEOPLE, I MAKE IT SO EASY FOR YOU AND STILL - YOU DON'T STALK!).


Anyhoo, my status is: "Nat is eating raisins out of boredom. Because raisins are not an 'eat on purpose food'."

Really, who ever craves a raisin (anorexic Holywood starlets excluded)? A raisin baked into something maybe. But on it's own? Never.

It got me to thinking. What are other snack foods you'd eat of boredom - not necessarily because you crave them?

-unsalted/unbuttered popcorn
-boring cereal (straight up sugarless, flavourless oatmeal)
-fruitcake (there are a lot of ingredients going on in that bastard, but can you really get a fruitcake craving like you can for chocolate?)
-peanuts in the shell (too much work. More of a bar 'eat cuz you're drinkin'' snack)
-pretzels (YAWN!)
-prunes/dried apricots (disguised as a snack but really designed to make you take the browns to the superbowl)
-carrot sticks. ON THEIR OWN.


I hate boring snacks.


Misster Kitty said...

You forgot the ever delicious rice-cakes. No amount of powdered flavour makes these edible.

Maria said...

I discovered some really amazing dried prunes and apricots on vacation a few weeks ago. So I ate a few every morning with my breakfast. Don't think I have ever eaten dried prunes before in my life.

Well, 3 days after eating those babies me & the mexican porcelain throne became VERY good friends, everything I put in my mouth - somehow, someway came out in a jiffy the other way!! Made me so sick I had to send hubby to the Mexican pharmacy down the street from our hotel to pick me up some medicine our "cleaning room gringo" recommended. Does not help that the instructions were all in spanish, hubby's knowledge of the broken italian he knows, he said it was OK to take. Who the heck was I to argue at this point? So I took a pill - 1 PILL - thank god! and I was constipated for 3 days after that. From one extreme to another. Lucky I did not take the 2 pills they originally suggested on the package I probably would have been bloated out to there by now!

I even bought some at the local market so if ever anyone really wants to go to the bathroom give me a ring-a-ding and I will send over some prunes!!

BTW, those rice cakes are awful - do people really eat that stuff?

N@ said...

Here I am dissin' on snackables and I have a cupboard with a bag of rice cakes! HAH! I actually DO like rice cakes. Right now, I've got caramel chocolate chip ones. YUM. But the plain one suck....

John said...

I like the dill pickle rice cakes. But something tells me they're not that healthy.

John said...

Now I'm kinda craving them to be honest.

Damn it.

Marisa said...

Peanuts in a shell rock! You are sooo wrong on that one, N@.

Sunflower seeds, now those are not worth the effort.

Newsguy Bob said...



Twiggy said...

i like rice cakes as a base for a pizza. like, rice cake + cheese + toaster oven = not that bad a snack.

and also..i kinda like raisins. They're super sweet, and they are my replacement snack (like, when i crave fatening sweets or chips or something, i figure dried fruit is sweet but somewhat healthy...)

John said...

mmmmmm... white rabbits on rice cakes.