Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stuph n' Things

Not a surprise on American Idol last night. I feel satisfied that there were a couple of shots of Paula all blubbery. Though, the shot of a weepy David Hasselhoff last year was funnier.

God bless CTV for letting those with Grade 6 bedtimes watch Lost early. Last night, though - they gave us half at 7. And the second half after the AI finale, at 10. It was worth it, though. Great season finale. Answered some things and also left us with a whole pantload of WTF. Who do you think was in the coffin??! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Day 3 of biking to/from work. I now have a sore lower back and a pulled muscle in my shoulder. (I will look into the gel seat, but my butt is better today, thanks. Over the hump, methinks). So, yeah. I googled "lower back pain and cycling" and I think I've got bad posture on my bike. So, I tried riding all straight-backed today. I've got really bad posture. Just ask Prodizee (linked blogger over yonder). We used to work together and he always caught me slumping when he walked into a room. He should have had a tazer. I should have been strapped to a piece of particle board.

I'm being very conscious of the posture today. I seem to remember the same sort of sore back pain last year. It's not constant. It hits me in spasms when going from a kneeling to standing position. Yeah - good times. I have low dogs, too. However, I DO also remember the same thing happening last year. And it went away after a while. So, we shall see. A good night's sleep helped this morning, I noticed.

Did I tell you I'm trying to grow tomatoes on our balcony? I read up about it little. And there is a nice little Roma tomato plant out there. I keep it in full sun, water it, and every 4 weeks I have to sprinkle chicken shit on it. Now, I need to find a chicken.


Misster Kitty said...

If N@ offers you any Tomatoes this summer...

Remember... Tomatoes don't have sprinkles! ;-)

Misster Kitty said...

Re: the body in the coffin...

I suggest we start a pool.

Everyone picks a Character and throws $5 into the kitty... (no not me, although... if you want to give me $5 I won't stop you.)

...I don't know why, but right after that scene last night part of me thought it was Ben, or possibly Locke... seeing as no one came to the memorial service it had to be someone that no one likey...

But if it IS Ben I'll be really pissed... I'd like to see him killed well before then, something terribly painful and appropriate for all his head games and lies.

Ok well with that happy thought... Have a super day! :-)

Marisa said...

I had a feeling beatbox boy wouldn't win AI. Gotta love that voice on the girl, though.

Tomatoes...nothing like picking a fresh one of the vine and chucking it in your mouth.

I have nothing to add about the chicken poop.

Speaking of poop...after hearing you talk about The View yesterday, I had to catch it on the West Coast feed...Rosie needs to June can't come early enough.

Maria said...

OK now here is a topic I know something about, since I am married to an italian who grows the best friggin' tomatoes. I swear all the italians in my neighbourhood have a contest on who's garden is nicer EVERY summer!
My hubby ALWAYS wins... the secret? Its cow manure!! YUP... you heard right... cow manure and we grow steroid freakin' tomatoes. One tomatoe from our garden can feed a small village (I kid you not).

By the way, the second secret ingredient... home made wine!! Just add a bit of wine in the growing stages and voila - you can have a salad and get drunk all at the same time.

John said...

I wonder if you could substitute rat dawg poop for chicken shit. But then of course you'd have rat dawgs eating poop sangweeches with sliced tomato.

Anyhoo... I wrote down just about everything I know about Hybrid shopping in the comments of me blog for ya. Be sure to let me know if you end up getting one. : )

tball said...

The lost finale was like WTF - we have to go back - midway I started getting the feeling that this was a flashback into the future and I was right. I don't think its sawyer since it looks as if Kate is with him - when she says I have to get back to him he'l wonder where I am. I think its Locke - Jack went to his funeral since he spared his life - I think, can't think of anyone else, I doubt its someone from THE OTHERS and everyone else seems to be liked unless its that british guy (for the life of me his name is on the tip of my tongue and won't come out - the one who saw the future. I got a kick out of seeing two people from the cast of "Las Vegas" on Lost - did you notice?

Misster Kitty said...


Daphne said...

I think it's Locke or Juliette. I can't see it being anyone else.

I can't wait until the premiere in 2008!! 2008! Yes, 2008!

Excuse me, I need to go and cry in a corner.

Anonymous said...

Just today me 'n Mrs. Sox were out and about looking to start growing tomatoes and herbs (no not Herb Tarlek) in our back yard. Huh...what does this mean N@? Are we gettin' old?