Thursday, March 29, 2007

Paint makes me Faint.

I've been lax in posting lately. Just lots of stuff on the go. We're really trying to make the upstairs of our condo liveable. Right now, it's our living room - and a room for my office. But we are still painting up there. I primed a red wall yesterday and Corn did a really great colour a couple weeks ago on 2 walls - a dark, olive green. Looks awesome. But wouldn't have been good all the way 'round. Too dark.

So, we bought a lighter complementary shade last weekend (harvest something or other) for the remaining walls - but we slapped a bit of it on the wall last night, and it's going to be too dark. Then we felt a bit defeated.

So - we've decided to save that colour for the bedroom and office downstairs. And paint the other walls upstairs in an off-white or very creamy colour. Off-white, I think will look perfect. BUT WE DON'T WANT TO DO IT! Cuz these aren't normal walls. There's a lot of nooks and crannies and this includes the long wall-to-ceiling area of the stairwell. Which involves a ladder. And annoyance.

Sooooooo - just throwin' it out there. Can my fellow Montrealers recommend a good painting service that is reasonably priced? The area is already taped off - they just need to paint the damn thing! Do you know a couplea guys?


Newsguy Luigi said...

Me anna my cousin Vincenzo, we gonna do it for you -- cheap.

You want floors washed, too? I know a Greek chick who wanna do for you -- cheap. But Maria no do window.

Maria said...

Thanks Uncle Luigi for the recommendation. lol

I know someone who came over and painted my tenants place a couple years ago and he was cheaper than some other dudes, but he doesn't speak any english. I had to dip my finger in the paint and put the colours on the appropriate walls so he knows what goes where.

Sure tested my patience to no end but hey he did a great job and the price was right.

I know another guy named John (italian dude of course) I can get his number for ya.

Twiggy said...

I am LOVING how Chachi looks at you behind the camera with pleading eyes ("Why is he doing this to me!!??") when the different 'Chips' are trying to practice smooching.

I like how Chachi has also gotten a growing starring role in each of the installments :P

N@ Lauzon said...

Chachi makes me LAFF. In one shot, it looks like he is pushing Corn away and pleading with his eyes! I know...I noticed that, too. heheeh.

zoey castelino said...

College Pro Painters, Student paint guys... something like that. When I lived in the 514 I had them do my townhouse and they were great and well priced. Don't know if they're still around. I would think so.

Good luck!