Friday, March 16, 2007

New Bloggers

P.S. New bloggers for ya to clickety click! A belated welcome to Daphne. And welcome Jean, Machinima Cinema and Misster Kitty (who was inspired by YOU, Ma!)


Daphne said...

Thanks for the mention N@, I'm totally flattered! ;)

Newsguy Bob said...

Daphne: Welcome aboard, and I'm glad you're flattered by N@'s mention.
A warning, however: Piss off N@'s Ma, and you'll be totally flatteNed. She's one tough cookie. Sweet, but tough.

Misster Kitty said...

Hey N@! Hey y'all!

Thanks for the welcome N@.

Looking forward to the world of Blog... but if I get addicted, you know I'll be sending another curse your way. ;-)

Ma Horton said...

Well isn't it good to know that I can be a inspiration to the modern gay man in today's society . My god my friend Joe will be sooo jealous . Welcome aboard the crazy train Misster Kitty .

sabina+ryan said...

thanks N@ for breaking our comment cherry!!

Bebloe Munch Bucket said...

Hey Nat, wasn't it a big shock for me today when I turned on my van radio and heard the melodious voice of the NAT!!! Your Canadian top 20 plays here in Thompson Manitoba, on 610 AM..I was soooo happy. Finally a voice I can listen to for HOURS!!! Woohoo I was doing my BAM BAM dance and the kids were not sure why!!!
Love your show NAT!!!
ALways a fan, of you and of Miss DAwn.
Renee Pilgrim (godin) just incase you don't remember us little peeps..hehehehe!!

Newsguy Bob said...

Hmm. Renee, did you ever do a co-op placement at MCTV?

kim said...

Hey Nat,

Why does the counter on the right hand side of your blog only count hits "as of January 30th, 2007"?

Just wondering.

Have fun at Ikea tomorrow. Pick up a dozen KNUBBE knobs and a BRUNKRISSLA for me.


N@ Lauzon said...

You do NOT want to know what happened in Ikea when I went to find your Brunkrissla.