Friday, March 09, 2007

Happy Weekend!

YIPPEE! It's a girls' weekend! My pal Kim is celebrating her birthday and
invited some gals to a cottage in Knowlton, Saturday night. This of
course means that Corn will be at home, having pillow fights with with his
friends in lingerie and talking about girls.

I worked all last weekend, so it will be good to have some chill time. PLUS..It's gonna be in the above-zeros (FINALLY!) this weekend! So, I hope you get to enjoy it, wherever you are.

Just about to head off to our grand prize live event for Win What You Really Want, 2. Someone will win one of 5 $30 000 prizes! Sweet sweet ass. But it won't be me. But still - sweet sweet bum bums.


Daphne said...

Have fun Nat! Knowlton is great! Maybe I'm bias though since I'm not far and most of my girlfriends live there.

There's a great bra and panty store there. Hmm, spellcheck no like the word panty, it just wants to replace it with pantry. That's just wrong.

Have a great weekend!!

JB said...

Wrong unless you like pastry, there, Daphne, which - with any luck - you'll find in the pantry.

...I'd prefer a pantry sale, is all I'm sayin'.