Monday, February 12, 2007


I recently learned of the untimely passing of a fellow student of mine. We were in the same year and program at Ryerson. We weren't friends. But I do remember her and this is so unfair. RIP.


Anonymous said...

OH MY! So sad Nat.
Very, very sad, more for the little babies than anything else.

So sad for her to have fought so hard - god bless her and her family and friends.

I hate to hear that dreaded disease taking one more precious life.


Marisa said...

She wrote: "My greatest fear is leaving my children with no mother. They are so young right now that they wouldn't even remember me. It makes it very hard to cope with everyday life."

That was my biggest fear.

Cancer really sucks. I hate it.

I am so sorry for your loss. Life's not fair.

Amazon Woman said...

That is so sad.

Cancer is awful and can destroy families as it detroys lives.

So sad. Too young.

j51 said...

sorry Nat it's a terrible feeling,my wife lost her best friend 14 yrs ago leaving behind 3 children youngest was 2. last year her cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer she also has 3 children even sadder the youngest has autism. the only question that i ask..... WHY WHY WHY ..........

Anonymous said...

N@, thanks for the reality check once again. Life is too short. I pray those children will know how brave their mother was. I am learning to not put off today what can be done tomorrow, life is too fragile.

Ma Horton said...

We are all like a candle in the wind . I am so sad to read this .

Newsguy Bob said...

N@: I'm sharing in your pain. See my latest posting on my blog, about losing a young friend/former hockey player. I'm now hearing that he hung himself, and might have been experiencing marital problems. Sad and tragic. I don't think there are children involved, which is a wee bit of a silver lining.

All too often, life doesn't make sense. As I like to say, "Don't confuse the issue with logic."

tball said...

I'm so sorry about your loss, that's all we seem to be hearing lately. I just lost a friend recently - Ryan, he was a rugby player at concordia a great athlete and a great friend "smiley" was his nickname. One day you are leaving him messages on his wall on facebook and the next you are finding out that he died. Life is so unfair - one day your friends are there and the next they are gone and you never got a chance to tell them everything you wanted to tell them.