Thursday, January 18, 2007

Totally Awesome.

If you made a resolution to get fit this year, here is no better inspiration.

I had coffee with my friend Joey this afternoon. Joey is one of the first people I met when I moved to Montreal, nearly 8 (holy shit) years ago. Joey's a comic. He's always been a big dude. And that issue has always worked its way into his stand-up routine.

But a while back, Joey decided he'd had enough. And started to lose the weight. He saw a nutritionist, he started to walk everywhere and slowly but surely - the weight started to fall away.

Now, he is 100 lbs lighter. 100 POUNDS! Last time I saw him, was in the summer and I was shocked. Today - I DIDN'T EVEN RECOGNIZE HIM WHEN I MET HIM IN THE LOBBY! How wild is that? He looks amazing. And his health is top priority now. It's awesome.
There was an article about him in the Gazette earlier this week...I wanted to link it for you, but it's one of those subscription dillies. If you have a back issue...check it out.

So, people - just do it. You don't need fancy equipment or stylish work out clothes. Just make the decision to live healthier and start walkin'. Only downside for Joey now - no more fat jokes in his routine. :)


Maria said...

Joey Elias??

Maria said...

I am STUPID sorry I should have just clicked the "here". I have seen him do his standup routine. He is really very good.

Good for him on loosing all that weight and getting fit.

JB said...

Good for him!
Hardest thing in the world to do for me. Every year, it's the same thing, and this year, I'm even bigger because the twins allow time for nothing that even resembles fitness, and lifting the babies doesn't count.
Joey will still be able to do fat jokes. He'll just have to lead in to them with "I used to be so fat..." Congratulations, Joey.

Rick said...


has been part of the Nasty Show?