Saturday, January 20, 2007

Satty Day

Last nite, I stayed home and wrote the countdown show while Corn hooked up with James (my sis Dawn's fellah) - who is in town to see the Habs tonight.

In between writing last night, I took a breather and called Dawn and we laughed on the phone for like, an hour. It was good. So - thanks, Dwan! I am not much of a phone talker (I talk at work - not much for talkin' when I get home) but now and then it's good to get your ya ya's out with someone who shares your stupidity genes.

Today, I have a ratdawg rolled up beside me and I think I can hopefully finish writing the show. I am making great headway, so it's possible! Later, me and Corn (once he pries his pedialyte-needing ass) from the couch will meet up with James. He drove from Timmins with a load o' Christmas gifts that I wasn't able to carry on the plane! It will be Christmas all over again. HEHEHE.

And I know there is chocolate in there. And that makes my bloated, pre-cotton pony self SOOOOO happy!!

Stay cozy. It's a cold one!

1 comment:

Maria said...

I feel the same way about talking on the phone at home. So, now that my kids are older they answer the phone (kinda like cheap labour).

Maybe you can train Chachi (Reggie) and Flea to answer the phone.