Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Eve Funsies

J51 isn't on the crackity smack, in case you were wondering about the reference. He is referring to Cat's dream. Cat is our morning dood and yesterday, he mentioned on air that he dreamed Phil Collins and Will Smith were coming to town and I was thrilled about it. So, I was going on everyone else's show to promote it.

Funny thing is - Cat was in MY dream that night too! He really was! I dreamed I was talking to him on the phone. What a slacker - the guy even phones in his dream cameos.

Su su suuuuuuuuuuuuuuudio!!!

And now I see I was in CQ's dream, too. I'm such a nocturnal hoo-wer!!

So - to quickly update. On New Year's Eve - we went to our friends' upper duplex in Monkland Village. Good times! Here is a FAB idea for food to feed the masses. They made 2 big dishes of MAC N' CHEESE!! How great is that? Because unless you are not human - who doesn't love mac n' cheese?! Great idea. MMM--all comfort food and squishy. And the best part is that crusted-on part that happens in the corners of the dish, know what I mean? When the food has been taken out of the oven just shy of being burned, but it's still crusty enough to be SO DAMN DEELISHUSH?

To clarify, here are some examples of crusted-on corner parts which are NOT delicious:

- crud in the corner of lips.

- solid deodorant crusting into the cup of an armpit.

- stuff that collects in the shared keyboard at work, between the space bar and alt key.

On New Year's Eve in Montreal, we got freezing rain. So, the sidewalks were like walking on buttered-up teflon. A cab brought us home and I said to Corn, "Be careful - the sidewalk is icy". We have a brick walkway, but it was sealed in a smooth, shiny coating of ice. Corn stepped gingerly out of the cab and old-manned his way to the front door, with me behind him. About a foot before the door...


He was on his back.

And laughing.

Because booze plus ice plus head trauma equals funny. He was like, "Did you see that!!? Hahahah!"

No, couldn't see a thing STANDING RIGHT BEHIND YOU, ya dork.

And the next day - he wasn't even hurtin'. I think he musta crammed some of that mac n' cheese into his pants - what else could have cushioned his fall?


Maria said...

hehe... funny.

WOW a BIG OLE' DISH of Mac n cheese who woudda thought?

Well, I am having a bunch of friends over this Saturday night for yet another new years bash (cause we darn europeans just love to party (oh yeah and eat!) lol

Wonder how mac n cheese would go over? I am guessing not too good for these guys... How do you cook for several chinese folks, greek folks and typical quebecoise french all at one sitting? Gonna ponder menu ideas for the next few days.

Ideas are welcome.

Rick said...

MAC & Cheese....hmmmm

I hosted a new year’s festivity, and on the menu….

Lentle soup

…and alcohol


…and alcohol


…and alcohol


…and coffee (with alcohol)


Being that you and eggs get along as well as Superman & Kryptonite, FB made a dessert sans eggs. But you have to be a fan of chocolate - please tell me you’re a fan of chocolate; I have a hard time trusting people who don’t like chocolate…who could dislike something that good?

Any who…if you are I’ll have the recipe sent to you

JB said...

Well, my wife hates Kraft dinner/mac'n'cheese/any form of it. And it's not that she's not human. It's that she's Danish. Danish people hate North American food. Hate. It. Not an exaggeration. "Canadian slop". They make no apologies for their rudeness toward our delicacies like mac'n'cheese and poutine. Get it out of their face, they say. Having said that, I've been - for the last eight years - to my wife's mother's house for Christmas dinner, and it's one of the best meals I've ever eaten. Ever. But I still like mac'n'cheese. I've always thought McDonald's should have it, so they could call it McMac'n'Cheese, and they could have a Mayor McMac'n'Cheese character who had slimy orange and yellow dreadlocks for hair.
I gotta go.

Newsguy Bob said...

First, a menu suggestion for Maria's Chinese/Greek/Quebecois New Year's Eve party: Moo goo guy poutine with tzatziki. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

As for mac and cheese, back when I was a 6pm anchor, I was often called "Bobby MAC". My co-anchor was Corinna WRONA. We wanted management to promote our newscast as MAC & WRONA FOR DINNER. Get it? Nah, neither did management. I bet could woulda got it when he was flat on his back on the icy sidewalk, all liquored up.

Newsguy Bob said...

Doh! That should say "I bet CORN woulda got it..."

Maria said...

NGB, that menu suggestion sounds ICKY! lol I tell you what... you come over and make that recipe, you eat it and then let us know.

Last night I watched Bon Cop, Bad Cop and me likey! now get out there and rent it. Just curious near the beginning of the movie they are at MOTEL ST-JACQUES BAR is that in good ole' NDG? Nat?