Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dreamgirls = celluloid crap.

Oscar buzz? Are you freakin' KIDDING me?

Dave Acer and I went to see Dreamgirls yesterday and we...WALKED OUT. When's the last time you walked out on a movie? I didn't even walk out on "Glitter" - because at least Glitter was so bad it was funny. Dreamgirls, was all 'round. Solid cast. Great singing. I mean I could listen to Jennifer Hudson sing the phone book. I love hearing her sing because I'm always waiting for the part where she belts it. When she sings sweet and softly, you can almost sense the big, bold voice behind it - waiting to cut loose. That's cool.

So, with what they had to work with, the actors did just fine but.......

The story sucked ass - very linear. Nothing meaty. Bad editing. No gripping moments. Just...blah. Yawnpie. BORING!

If you've seen was the straw that broke the camel's back. When (Jennifer Hudson) threatens to leave the group because she's been demoted from singing lead. She storms out of the dressing room and is followed out by one of the musicians, who proceeds to tell her in song that she can't leave because "We are family". Then one by one, the other singers gather 'round and join in the mushfest. It was such fromage, I think I heard my jaw actually unhinge.

Acer turned to me and shook his head, "I'd be okay if you wanted to leave and go look for cd's at Future Shop".

Me(re-hinging jaw): "Let's do it!"

So, out we went (dancing, because it's hard to not want to after you've seen a musical). And I bought Corrine Baile Rae, KT Tunstall and Coldplay. Which more than made up for the poopoo taste in my mouth.

But people - don't do it. Don't do Dreamgirls. It will make you sad. Then you will have to buy material things to make you feel better.


Twiggy said...

ooh..KT Tunstall!! great choice. Been addicted to that for a while :).
CDs were your cure for the blah...but if you really think about it, they are not material bought music! soul! spirit! .
ok, chocolate at 8h30am makes me too happy.

cheers. and thanks for the "DreamG" warning. I'll stick to McDreamy. If i ever start watching that show.

Amazon Woman said...

Was not planning on seeing it and now def. won`t be making the trip to the megaplex for this one.

Sounds like the CD choices cancel out any bad music vibes left from the movie.

Keep smilin!

zoey castelino said...

I had a feeling this film blew goats, but I needed someone to back me up on it. Thank you! Now I can rub it in the faces of the people who want to see it.

Rick said...

Speaking of goat blowing….N@ can you have PD pull the corbeil adds?

Is it me that just isn’t getting it? I mean the woman clearly addresses the guy as “Mr. corbeil” and then talks about how great his products are…then ends it with how he’s the specialist…which he rebuts “it not me its corbeil”. But He’s Mr. corbeil, so he is the specialist… for the love of Christ who wrote these adds?

…sorry I must be slipping – carry on.

Twiggy said...

!!!! That's a good point!

maybe she means "Mr.Corbeil-radiovoiceguy/representative" ..sort of like that Swedish guy could be called "Mr.Ikea"....?

JB said...

I was hopin' it was gonna be good.
Never a big fan of Knowles, but I love Hudson's voice.
Have to stick to listening to Black Horse and The Cherry Tree over and over again to make up for it.
btw - The Illusionist is out this week on DVD - don't know if you've already seen it - but it's supposed to be quite good.
No singing, though.

Newsguy Bob said...

I *heart* Black Horse and The Cherry Tree. I had to ask Milky who sings it the first time I heard it, because she sounds so much like Annie Lennox -- in that song, at least. I can't say as I've heard any other from the CD.