Friday, December 01, 2006


White Rabbits! And also, it's World Aids Day.

Amazon Woman - thank youuuuuuuuuuuu!!! You are such a hoot. :)

This morning, Flea had a fierce seizure ...6 minutes long. 2 days ago, she had one that lasted 3.5 minutes. We went thru November without seeing ONE of them. We hoped for the best, but now - they are back and longer in duration. 6 minutes is an absolute lifetime. 6 minutes without oxygen to the brain. It's crazy. So, today - I left her at the vet (they are the best ever, they are going to keep an eye on her today because I am at work. When I go get her, I will start her on the medication). I don't want to put her on meds..I've been torn about that. It's weird isn't it? If I was having seizures I'd be on the meds in a heartbeat. I'd be like - hook me up, stat! I wouldn't care about any side effects! But this is my dog - it feels different. But after this morning's episode, I feel it is the right thing to do. It's obviously gripping her for longer periods of time and that's not good. The 5 minute mark of a seizure is considered an emergency and can cause brain damage. So, now - it's time. Poor little thing.

Wish us luck.


Milky said...

Hi N@,

I totally respect your desire to not put a pet on meds... but like you said, if it was YOU, you'd do be at the drug store in the blink of an eye.

Your little buddy needs this.

Much love.

Anonymous said...

n@ sorry to hear about flea,not to worry we will send her good vibes.
this weekend is the telethon for sick children i am volunteering, please donate to help the sick kids.
have a great n@ & friends

Amazon Woman said...

My pleasure!

Poor furry poo! Miss Daisy pulled hurt her knee (hope it is just that). You could not get me the meds fast enough. Brought us back to a time 2 years ago when meds did not help & surgery was the answer. The meds (just anti-imflammatory) work great and she is doing well. I felt so bad for her that the meds issue was far outweighed by the crying and yelping sounds. Keep us updated!

Keep smilin!

Ma Horton said...

The perils of being a mother , kid or otherwise we all feel your pain and sadness for little Flea.. Take an aspirin N@ and call mommy in the morning .

Rick said...


My heart goes out to you & Flea. I know how you feel about the meds. The lines often get blurry when our hearts are involved. But you can take comfort in that it will help control the seizure.

The way I see it when as terrifying as it is for a human to have a seizure, it must be worse for an animal. You can’t explain what’s going on, you can only standby and wait. I think you’re making the write choice but putting her on the meds