Thursday, November 30, 2006

Balmy Bontreal

(or: Alliteration ain't all it's cracked up to be..)

15 degrees for the last day of November ain't so shabby, is it? We'll take it!

At work, someone keeps sneaking Kinder Egg toys into my mailbox and I can't figure out who it is. It's fun though - so far, I have a race car and mini saloon doors, where you push a button and a cowboy pushes through. Kinder Egg toys have come a long way, friends. So - to whoever you are (and assuming you might read this blog) - Kinder Egg Toy Fairy - you can leave the chocolate part too, if you like.

Me and Corn went to Ikea last night. We didn't get what we went there for, natch. But we did come out with wine glasses, a toilet brush, cushion covers and a hot dog. The hot dog should look particularly smashing in the living room, I think.

Suggestions for where to get wood blinds? Kinda like these:
(we like these, but they didn't have our size (58 x 58 inches). Also, I want to have them inside the frame like this - but the frame is plastic on the inside...can you drill thru that or will it be all blergh? May be better to get curtains?

Also, where can I get oven burner dishes (the metal tray thingies that sit under the elements) and oven racks?

Thanks for any info!


John Mielke Photography said...

Hey N@!

Yeah, you can drill through the plastic. It's a piece of vinyl wrapped around a piece of wood, or some aluminum.

The thing to remember though, is that when you want to change those window coverings, you'll be left with those holes you drilled.

You can use caulking to fill them, but the repair isn't nearly as seemless as wood filler on a wood window frame.


Jul said...

Check out the home depot. They have some really nice blinds, and they cut to size, so any size window you have they will fit a blind to. I think they have someone who will come to install it too is you want. They have a ton of different models and styles. You should check it out.

For the oven, check out the dollar store(you may have to check a few), they have those things you put under the burner, for cheap, for the rack, you might find that at the home depot too.. If not, there is a store on Wilson(above Monkland somewhere, I think) in NDG that sells all kinds of appliance stuff. Im not sure if they still exist, but they were great for handles, and shelves and racks and stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

Try Bouclair for blinds!

Twiggy said...

Hi nat,

just heard your Apple Plug on your show, about the calendars etc. JUST so you know, and for all those that don't have Macs.... is what i've used for the past 2 years..i've made books, order all my prints (i've ordered over 500 pics..usually when i get the rebate code coupons in my email) and it's awesome. They have everything...ornaments, cups, bags, magnets, stickers....

anywho, for anyone that's interested...

Newsguy Bob said...

Home Depot. I got verticals from there for my last two apartments, and I can't say enough about Home Depot.