Saturday, December 16, 2006

Phun with Phaces

Just checking in with more face manipulation. I love that I look 5 years old. This is how my mother sees me. All fresh-faced with one tooth. I want Dallas Barbie for Christmas. And poor Flea, all pin-headed. heheehehe

6 degrees and sunny in Montreal today with NO SNOW. WEEEEEIRD! Going to the gym, then staying holed up all day writing the national show. We're doing a year end countdown and it's a lot of research and work..but I'm seeing the light @ the end of the tunnel!! Weeeee!


Anonymous said...

N@, I had to look twice, I thought it might actually be an old pic of you at 5 yrs old. Love the Flea pic, tuning in Tokyo perhaps??? lol

Rick said...

Cute pics N@

Them there MAC's surgots som neet do-hiky's.

JB said...

Actually, I think your picture looks kinda 'Area 51', while Flea looks decidedly more 'Studio 54'.